Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sweet P: 11 Months

WHOA. I've never been this late posting Presley's monthly update! I wish I could blame the move to Nashville or starting a new job, but... this post was written the day after she turned 11 months old. All I had to do was upload the photos, and here we are 2.5 weeks later.

One thing, Lindsay! You were in charge of one thing!

Alas, I give you the latest on the little nugget.

Here are the answers to the latest questions about Pres:

Is she walking yet?
She took her first "kind of" steps in December. You know the kind -- the steps that aren't actually steps, but we're first-time parents who magnify every milestone, because she's obviously a kid genius. ;) She got her balance and took a few real steps on New Year's Day. An amazing thing happened after that. We launched into "lazy parenting," because she could direct her walker on her own and walk loops around the house. We got a little piece of our freedom back! She walks around holding my index fingers. We catch her taking independent steps when she's walking along furniture, but she is still building her confidence. Eight consecutive steps is the score to beat!

Is she still nursing?
She is still nursing, and I'm really proud of that! Her daily routine is: 18-20 pumped oz., 3 solid food meals, formula to supplement, and nurse at night before bed. We had to start supplementing with formula before Thanksgiving. It caused me a lot of heartache and frustration for a few days. I took to my Facebook mom groups and scoured the internet for the best reasonable, organic options. We may supplement now, but I'm going to keep nursing and pumping for as long as possible.

Does she say any words yet?
Everything is "mamama" (actually, "meh-meh-meh") sounds and babbles so far. The newest addition is loudly ahhhhh-ing to compete with loud sounds, like a hand mixer. Making morning protein shakes is infinitely more entertaining now!

Do you still use baby sign language? Does she do it too?
We still the same basic signs that we did three months ago, and she now signs "I love you!" It is a difficult sign to do, so her version is waving her right hand up and down. I love that this was her first sign! Admittedly, we're not as consistent as I had hoped we would be, but we're working on it!

Does she sleep through the night still?
I can count on one hand how many times she has woken up in the middle of night since October 6, and that is a beautiful thing!

What else is new with her?
  • She has perfected her downward-facing dog pose and giggles at the sight of the world upside-down.
  • Her fifth tooth broke through on Christmas Eve, and her sixth tooth followed five days later. 
  • She loves crawling into empty cabinets and sitting under blanket tents with me. 
  • We are teaching her how to hug her stuffed animals.
  • She enjoys touching Dada's beard.
  • She pushes the nipple of her bottles inside out, and then sucks it outright to continue drinking.
  • We had a really sweet mommy/daughter moment last weekend. I grabbed a banana to snack on while we played together. She watched I as peeled the banana and took a bite. She looked at me with an open mouth. I hesitated, because all of our past attempts to feed her banana were met with disgust, but she ate it and wanted more. We sat on the floor amongst her toys and took turns taking bites of banana. 
  • She doesn't seem to be affected by the disassembled house and forest of moving boxes. I sure hope she is as calm about the three-hour drive to the new house!

Happy 11 months, Pres! You complete us in so many ways!

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Marie @ Life is a Highway said...

I love being a witness to my baby girl Presley's growth. She makes me smile and fills me with so much joy!

Brita Long said...

So many exciting changes!

I love that you can make fun of yourself as a new parent. She's OBVIOUSLY a kid genius! ;)