Friday, October 23, 2015

Sweet P: 8 Months

Communicates her frustration before she has a meltdown
Animal lover
Suuuper sweet (Not sassy like I thought she'd be)

She is probably about 18 pounds.
She wears 17-inch headbands.
She wears size 9 month clothes.
She wears size 3 diapers.

Her mouth being wiped after she eats
Getting dressed
Wearing shoes

Petting Amelie and Boone
Watching football
Being slowly raised above our heads
Me singing "Bright" by Echosmith
"Brushing" her teeth with her training toothbrush
Seeing the world up-side-down
The sound of coughing (She's thinks it is hilarious!)

Crawling like a speed demon. (Remember's last Friday's post? Ha!)
Pulls herself up to standing using anything and everything.
"Crawls" on her hands and feet (not knees) and does a mean downward-facing dog.
Can now climb which takes "watchful parenting" to a new level. The stairs are her rock wall.

Food: Her favorites are...
Milk (Nursing and bottle-feeding make her happy.)
Black beans
Pinto beans
Water out of her sippy cup

She is a tummy sleeper.
She has slept through the night all but three nights since October 6. HALLELUJAH!
She takes two naps during the day. (Never really at the same time or for the same length of time.)

Sign Language We Use:
Thank you
I love you
Cat (which we also use for Amelie and Boone)

She is usually missing her right sock.
She kicks her right leg a lot, even when she's nursing.
She pats things (see photo above) -- an ottoman, my chest, Daddy's arm, her walker.
She still whispers ahhhhhs back and forth with us.
She uses her thumb to push the top of her shirt into her mouth to soothe herself.
She loves to feel material and textures under her feet. #shoelessflowerchild

Fun Moments for Mom & Dad:
Taking her to her first big event (an Alzheimer's Association event with Mommy's co-workers)
Pushing her in a cart at the grocery store
Taking her to the Kids Harvest Festival
Seating her in a high chair when we dine out
Seeing her stand up without assistance
Seeing her in headbands (that I made!)

So much joy and wonder is packed into your being, Presley! 
We love you so much!

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Marie @ Life is a Highway said...

I love seeing Presley's growth. Her personality really shines through! Pretty Presley, you make me smile. Great photos of you all!

GS said...

I really enjoy you blog which has become somewhat of a 'child-rearing' guide - providing insightful accounts from a first-time mom's perspective. Well-written, too!

Bev @ Jerseys and Bow Ties said...

Wow. She has blosommed in such a short span of time! I love that she loves water. I'm hoping my LO loves water like I do!

And that is the cutest picture of you holding her upside down! Saw it on IG and thought it was the cutest ever!

xo, Bev

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