Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Kids Harvest Festival

This is Presley's first autumn and Halloween season earth-side. We wanted to celebrate by taking her out to see some pumpkins and enjoy the cool weather sweeping through Memphis, so we hit up the Kids Harvest Festival at the Agricenter. I wanted to get a great photo for our Christmas cards, but Baby Girl wasn't having it. There was far too much to look at, and it was approaching nap time. Watching her take in everything around her was so sweet. She is a people watcher. She studied a single piece of straw in her hand. She kept her Daddy close but wanted to look everywhere but at him. Seeing young kids decorating pumpkins and boarding the hay ride made me wish she was older to enjoy the fun, but I loved our short time there anyway. The simple act of observing was her fun.

Presley in pink arygle is a new fave. Also, fatherhood looks reeeeeeeally good on this guy. Ow ow!


Jess said...

The cutest little family EVA. And also - how the heck is she so big already?! LIKE WHAT IS GOING ON?

Angie said...

She caught my eye in that pink argyle immediately. It looks adorable on her.