Monday, August 31, 2015

Sweet P: 6 Months Old

15 lbs., 14.5 oz.

25.25 in.

  • We were surprised she wasn't even 16 lbs. at her last appointment. Our arms could have sworn that our healthy girl had grown much more than that! She is right on track and wearing size 6 months clothing (a few 9 month pieces too).
  • She sits up completely unassisted and is much more independent in playing. But still hates when we're out of view.
  • She rolls and scoots a lot. Look away for ten seconds, and she's on the other side of her play area. She is getting closer and closer to crawling (although we're not expecting it too soon). She pushes up onto her hands and knees, and then lifts her tummy. Core muscles! (Insert flexed arm emoji here.) It is so fascinating to watch her learn how to control and maneuver her body.

  • She now has two bottom teeth that make her grin that much more irresistible! On August 15, she took two full naps in her crib in one day (a first!), but then we had the most hellish night. She was scream-crying until 3:00 AM, we slept for about two hours, and then she was back to being inconsolable. The culprit? Her first tooth. Fortunately, that terrible night has been the worst of her teething. No fever, no heavy drooling. Just some fussiness. (Insert praise hands emoji here.)
  • She holds her own bottle now. #boss 
  • She begins every night in her crib and then moves to our bedroom during the night/early morning. Yeah, yeah. I know. You probably want to tell me that we're making her a "bad" sleeper and that we'll totally pay the price when we have to sleep train her later. We're doing what works for us. Like much of parenting, we'll figure out what "our way" is as we go.

  • We are easing into baby led weaning right now, but right before she turned six months old, we did let her try a blueberry since I was going to be out of town on the actual day. Her expressions had us rolling with laughter, and we caught all of it on video.
  • She reaches for everything which can be both a nightmare (grabbing food off my plate) or adorable (touching my face and leaning in to kiss). 
  • She "scream talks" which is wildly unpleasant for everyone in the house except for her. We may have a future Broadway beltress in the making.
  • We started number and word activities with her, because every parent thinks his/her child is a genius in the making, right? We won't know for a long while whether or not it's working, but it can't hurt to try.

  • I was away from her for the first time for four days (!!!!), and we all survived. S was sure to videotape my return home, and you guys. Her reaction to me made me heart explode into a million pieces and then sprinkle down like glitter in a snow globe. GOD, I LOVE THAT GIRL.
  • Weekend IHOP family dates are totally our jam these days. Casual, baby-friendly, New York cheesecake pancakes. Boom.
  • Our song is Echosmith's "Bright." If I start singing it, she's totally with me. Forever and always, one of my favorite Baby Presley moments will be when she looks up at me when I sing "You make me sing ooooooh, la la laaaa, You make a girl go oooooooh, I'm in love, love."
  • The easiest way to make her smile is to chant "Goomba," her nickname.

We love you, Presley Noel!
Say it with me: Goomba! Goomba! Goomba! Goomba!

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Tiara | a Happy Healthy Home said...

So cute! I can't believe that she's already 6 months!

GS said...

She's a beautiful flower in bloom!

Marie @ Life is a Highway said...

I love reading about Sweet P's growth. Her pretty smile really lights up the room! The popsicle photo is funny and priceless! I love Sweet P!

Brita Long said...

I love these updates so much! She's just too darn cute!