Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Oy Vey

Books are for eating, of course.

Just as her book says, mama is going to be down at the beach this week.

It is 6:00 AM central time, and I am boarding a flight to Maui.


Oh, yeah. There's one thing wrong with this picture.

I'm flying alone.
Meaning... S and Presley are at home.
Meaning... I'm going to be away from Press for the first time ever, and it's for four days and four nights!
Side note: Godspeed to S for flying solo as her first two teeth are erupting.

Pass the Kleenex now.

On the up side, my mom is meeting me in Maui, so it will be glorious to spend some mother/daughter time with her sprinkled in with the wedding I'm in. I have three posts that were going to go up this week, but I don't like the idea of that when I'll be without my laptop. Heaven forbid there be a grammatical error that I cannot fix immediately. ;) Even though the blog will be silent until I get back, hop on over to my Instagram to holla at ya girl in her kick-ass one-piece swimsuit (because #babyweight)!

So, off I go! Wish me luck. If you see news reports of a Maui-bound flight making an emergency landing, it's probably because some crazy lady was disturbing the peace with her uncontrollable crying.


Marie @ Life is a Highway said...

Hahaha, cute post! But I know you three, and you will survive!

Devon said...

Hope you enjoyed the trip! You'll have to tell us all about what it was like to be away from the baby for the first time. Also, that swimsuit is darling. I'm so happy to hear you are embracing your body for all the amazing things it has done for you.

Unknown said...

Im catching up OBVIOUSLY but I am glad you survived and Hawaii looked amaze and I know you rocked the HELL outta that swim suit. HOT MAMA