Thursday, July 9, 2015

Who Wore It Best?

I'm adding a little #ThrowBackThursday flare to the blog today.

My grandmother made this dress for me 30 years ago, and Presley tried it on last week. What's old is new again! There's not much to say other than... who wore it best?

When she was a newborn, I thought she was my mini me, but now, she is so clearly half-him/half-me. Well, until we realized she is 100% Amish.

BAHAHAHAHAHA! But really, how cute is that bonnet? Homegirl makes Amish chic look goooood.


Alana Livingston said...

Too cute!! I would say she has your nose and mouth and maybe your eyes lol

Bev @ Jerseys and Bow Ties said...

Indeed she is the cutest little love bug Lindsay! She's growing quick :) I love how you have a treasure like the small dress your grandmother made!! I hope to share the same keepsake with our son (but it'll have to be from my hubs lol)

xo, Bev

Brita Long said...

AHHHH this is so cute! You're both adorable.

Life is a Highway, the Blog said...

Grandma will definitely love these photos. She loved making that little dress!