Sunday, June 21, 2015

This Guy

Today is this guy's first Father's Day. I've been searching for the words for this post for the last week, but they always seem to come up short of what I feel for this man who ten years ago was a new friend, nine years ago became my boyfriend, four years ago became my husband, and four months ago became our little girl's daddy. I've never done this parenting thing before, but I know without a doubt that I have it easy, because this guy is an amazing father.

I hoped and prayed that things would go smoothly when I returned to work. I wanted him to enjoy working from home and having Presley all day, but would it be too much? He hadn't been around babies much in his life, so I hoped that flying solo wouldn't wear him out or feel like a burden. On my first day back to work, I didn't get a single call or text, so around 2:30 PM I texted "How's it going?" to which he replied "Piece of cake." Was he being facetious? I figured I'd be home soon, so I didn't bother asking if he was serious. When I got home hours later, he was holding her in one arm while plating dinner with the other. They were both all smiles. I kid you not. Surely, it was beginner's luck, right? Nope. That's been the drill for the last 11 weeks. Sure, there are days that caring for her takes him away from completing his business plan or making phone calls, but he never complains (which makes me seem really petty for borderline losing my shit/wanting to cry over lost sleep).

He is our daughter's first love, and I wouldn't have it any other way. They're thick as thieves. He need only look in her direction, and she grins from ear to ear. She'll always be his Droolie Andrews, Spitty Cent, and Monster Mash. He'll always be her Daddy. And damn, he's a really wonderful Daddy!

Happy Father's Day, S! I love doing this parenting thing with you.

** Shout-out to my own Dad! Raise the roof, homie! Love you!


Devon said...

Beautiful note Lindsay! I hope you guys have a great day!

Alana Livingston said...

Aww what a great dad! He will always treasure those days he got to be home with her all day.

Louise, Travel the Unbeaten Path said...

So sweet! Happy Father's Day to you guys! And man, seems like 2005 was a good year for both you and I ;-)

Marie @ Life is a Highway said...

I love this post! Beautiful words for a wonderful dad. Presley is one happy baby girl!

Unknown said...

This is so sweet! Happy belated Father's Day, S!

Unknown said...

And P.S. what a good little baby P is!