Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sweet P: 4 Months Old

14 lbs., 2.5 oz.

24.75 in.

  • It's all about the hands these days! She plays with her fingers, stares at her hands, scratches different fabrics repeatedly, and pull toys toward her mouth. Her world has opened up immensely with these magical things called hands!
  • We are still waiting for her first laugh. Right now, she lets out huge grins and softly pants. So close! When something is especially hilarious or exciting (like her dad looking at her), she scrunches her nose. That face is my favorite!
  • She has found her voice, ladies and gentlemen, and she started squawking and unleashing the shrilliest of shrill cries you've ever heard when she's frustrated. This usually happens when she feels like she is left alone. Heaven forbid you leave the room for a second!
  • When I was a kid, my parents called me Grumpy Bear, because... well, I was Hell on two feet in the morning. Cute but Hell on two feet, nonetheless. ;) Presley? You'll never find a baby more smiley in the morning.
  • I might just gobble up her precious little thigh rolls and toes.
  • When she gets sleepy, she rubs her eyes ferociously, just like her dad.
  • She notices and watches the cats now. Since she kicks and bounces around in her chair, Amelie keeps a comfortable three feet away. Boone, being less cautious, has rubbed his head against hers.
  • We sign "milk" and "thank you" with her consistently.
  • She still hates tummy time. Always has, always will, I guess. The girl just wants to stand, so that's what he do. We support her while she stands -- on our legs, on the couch, on the bed, on the floor.
  • Her personality is blossoming which is fun to watch. She is so expressive.
  • She has been sleeping in a co-sleeper between us in bed for the last month. She usually wakes up early in the morning. At that point, I lay her beside me to nurse, and then we sleep a bit longer before I get ready for work. I love that cuddle time with her. I do not love waking up at 3:00 or 4:00 AM.
  • We went out to dinner two weeks ago, and I encountered the first stranger who asked if she could touch her. She rubbed Presley's thigh with two fingers while oooohing and ahhhhing about how pretty she is, and then it happened. Nice old lady reached for Presley's face, and I reared back like, "NO, MA'AM!"  Ha. I didn't say that, but I did pull back. I don't care how complimentary she was being. Do not touch my baby's face, please!
  • She has a penchant for spitting up on her dad at just the right moment. At her 4-month appointment, she sent a stream of spit-up perfectly down her front and onto Daddy's crotch. Bull's eye. Ten points for Gryffindor!

Past updates can be found HERE.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

This Guy

Today is this guy's first Father's Day. I've been searching for the words for this post for the last week, but they always seem to come up short of what I feel for this man who ten years ago was a new friend, nine years ago became my boyfriend, four years ago became my husband, and four months ago became our little girl's daddy. I've never done this parenting thing before, but I know without a doubt that I have it easy, because this guy is an amazing father.

I hoped and prayed that things would go smoothly when I returned to work. I wanted him to enjoy working from home and having Presley all day, but would it be too much? He hadn't been around babies much in his life, so I hoped that flying solo wouldn't wear him out or feel like a burden. On my first day back to work, I didn't get a single call or text, so around 2:30 PM I texted "How's it going?" to which he replied "Piece of cake." Was he being facetious? I figured I'd be home soon, so I didn't bother asking if he was serious. When I got home hours later, he was holding her in one arm while plating dinner with the other. They were both all smiles. I kid you not. Surely, it was beginner's luck, right? Nope. That's been the drill for the last 11 weeks. Sure, there are days that caring for her takes him away from completing his business plan or making phone calls, but he never complains (which makes me seem really petty for borderline losing my shit/wanting to cry over lost sleep).

He is our daughter's first love, and I wouldn't have it any other way. They're thick as thieves. He need only look in her direction, and she grins from ear to ear. She'll always be his Droolie Andrews, Spitty Cent, and Monster Mash. He'll always be her Daddy. And damn, he's a really wonderful Daddy!

Happy Father's Day, S! I love doing this parenting thing with you.

** Shout-out to my own Dad! Raise the roof, homie! Love you!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Four Generations: A Pinterest Win

My Grandma is really special to me. When I was a kid, my family briefly lived at my grandparents' house while our new house was being built. Whenever my parents had to go out of town or were out until late at night, we stayed at my grandparents' house. She attended every single thing I ever performed in. Some of my favorite childhood memories are the Christmas Eves spent at my grandparents' house, trips to the San Diego Zoo with them, and the delicious food from their kitchen.

When I still lived in San Diego post-college, I would drop by her house randomly in the afternoon. My Grandpa had a lingering exit from this earth, and after he passed away, I hated the thought of her alone at home day in and day out. We'd talk about the cats. She'd ask about my boyfriend. She'd tell me about my mom's visit the other day. We'd eat the fresh batch of pancit she just made. We'd look at photos and old magazines together. She'd give me easy recipes to try. Sometimes, she'd tell me stories about when she was younger. I miss those visits. I love her so much!

One of my favorite moments of our baby shower back in December was my Grandma holding my belly. Presley hasn't met her great grandmother yet, but my brilliant sister suggested a special way to bring them together (along with my mom and me). I present to you the most major of major Pinterest wins: a photo of four generations Modern Family-style!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tuesdays Just Got Better

Monday are a clean slate.
Wednesdays are Humpy Day.
Thursdays are Friday Eve.
Fridays are the weekend kick-off.

Tuesday are... usually pretty lame. Am I right? Not today! I'll cut to the chase.

eShakti is giving you $35 off your order through June 21! They have added a lot of new products and launched their new collection for summertime. When I first learned about eShakti, they sold mostly custom dresses and skirts, but now they have tops, pants, shorts, and jackets too. I'm eye-ing some things from the Bohemian line for our trip to Maui in August (hello dresses and flowy tops!) and full skirts for work.

Here's how to get $35 off your order: 

Use gift coupon code LINDSAY at checkout.

Valid through June 21.

Only one gift coupon code can be used per order.

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That's it! Happy shopping!

You can see my past eShakti looks  
HERE (haven't been able to wear that since getting pregnant),  
HERE, and  

Monday, June 8, 2015

Time to Process

Presley's been checking out her friends hanging around her gym mat. She seems to be especially smitten with Mr. Frog these days. She's not the only one processing things around here.

One of my co-workers back in Knoxville passed away two weeks ago. I had no idea she had cancer until I returned from maternity leave in April. It happened quickly. Just a few weeks before Presley was born, there was news that she was going to be out for awhile. She never went back. On October 21 she hugged me goodbye on my last day in Knoxville, but it was my goodbye hug to her too. We just didn't know it at the time. I spent most of my days at that job with Deborah. She sat right outside my office, and we spent our days laughing, making sense of mountains of paper work, sharing stories, venting (because what else are co-workers for?), and laughing some more. My time there was heavily influenced by Deborah -- the woman with impeccably coordinated outfits, the lover of garage sales, the "voice" of the community for 16 years as the receptionist. It was hard to grieve from afar when surrounded by co-workers in Memphis who never knew Deborah or how wonderful she was. Time froze but everyone here missed the memo. On the day of her celebration of life and purple balloon release, I wore my purple pants in her honor and made a conscious effort to have fun at work -- just like we used to do.

But life is always full circle. As I mourned the loss of a co-worker and friend, three close friends shared their pregnancy news with me -- two of whom are first-time moms. I couldn't be happier for them. I started thinking about my own pregnancy experiences which quickly spiraled into a longing for Presley's kicks from inside my belly. Oh, those kicks, how I loved them so! Growing a human was draining in the beginning but magical in the end. I miss having her in my belly and with me always. Her kicks, hiccups, and squirming were like little love letters to me. (Oh, dear god. Somebody, stop me. I'm overflowing with feelings, obviously!)

And so, that's what's new around here over the last two weeks other than Presley's ever-changing ways. I just needed some time to process. How sneaky cancer is. How pregnancy is different for everyone. How much I need to hang on to every little thing that Presley does in these baby days, because tomorrow she'll be so different already.