Monday, May 11, 2015

My First Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day couldn't have had a better start. Presley slept for seven straight hours, awoke at 5:00 AM, and was back to sleep in 13 minutes. At 8:30 AM I heard her stirring, and when I looked over at her, I saw that she wasn't fussing. She was staring at the ceiling fan, smiling, and cooing. I thought, "Happy Mother's Day, indeed!"

We kept things very low-key. I get so exhausted during the work week, and I don't know how I would survive without a nap on the weekend and major down time with my people. After a three-hour nap on Saturday and a night of good sleep, I felt fresh and happy and ready to take on the day. Between loads of laundry, ironing, and getting things ready for the week, I smothered her with kisses and snuggles. (I'm renaming the holiday Smother's Day.)

She loves "standing" now. She stretches her legs every time she is picked up, so I'm constantly instructing her to "bend at the waist, so I can hold you, please." The poor thing doesn't realize she'll need to crawl before she walks. She showed off in front of her Nonna and Grandpa on FaceTime, and of course, they ooooh-ed and ahhhh-ed. This little girl knows how to work a crowd.

She was really late for her nap which usually starts around noon. It wasn't until after S walked into the room with a homemade eclair cake and said "Happy Mother's Day!" that she dozed off. Being that the message on the cake was from Press, I suspect she was waiting to see my reaction before she slept through the rest of the afternoon. ;)

It's cool and crazy that I'll get Mother's Days for the rest of my life. Bring on the sweet cards and sugar overdoses! I'm so lucky to be Presley's mom. It brings me infinite joy (and endless slobber).


Alana Livingston said...

So sweet! Happy first Mother's Day!
Btw, you look great!

Devon said...

Happy first Mother's Day Lindsay! It sounds like the perfect way to spend the day, relaxing and taking in your blessed life!

Louise, Travel the Unbeaten Path said...

Happy first Smother's day to us (haha I love that!) - Little P looks so big already!

Brita Long said...

Awww, this is so sweet! I love seeing all my blogging friends celebrate their 1st Mother's Day.

Caitlin Cavallaro said...

You can always send a piece of that cake my way ;)