Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sweet P: 2 Months Old

11 lbs., 8.5 oz. (50th percentile)

23 in. long (75th percentile)

Pretty much the same as last month. She'll be so glad to face outward in the Ergobaby 360. She's only a half pound away! (Thanks for the Ergo advice, Lo!)

  • Her little hair sprout is still going strong! I love that cute little sprout. There's no taming it.
  • In the last few weeks her smiles have become reactions rather than arbitrary reflexes. Seeing her smile in response to things we say makes her seem so much more like her own little person. She's coming into her own. It's fun to see!
  • She moved up to size 2 diapers right before she turned two months old. She may have been born on the small side, but this little beauty is growing!
  • S sent me a video of her imitating his cooing sounds, and it had me and my co-workers laughing so hard. It is adorable! She now imitates the owl hoots from her swing's nature sounds too.
  • She is still sleeping at my bedside. She wakes up once or twice at night, and I can usually get her fed, changed, and back to sleep in about 25 minutes. Woo hoo! She can get fussy during the night but not to the point that she wakes up.
  • She does really well with bath time. No tears, no fuss. She lets us scrub her down and brush her hair/scalp. As long as I keep talking to her while I dry her, apply lotion and dress her, she's a happy camper.
  • She prefers to be held all evening once I'm home. Sometimes I think I should hold her as much as she wants me to, and sometimes I wonder if I'm training her to be a needy child. I mean, she's only two months old. It's okay to hold her all the time, right? I think so. Her pediatrician also reminded us that the first three months are often thought of as the "fourth trimester."
  • She's starting to make more sounds, and sometimes I feel like she'll cry out a certain way just to hear herself.
  • She fusses before she actually pees, so maybe she'll potty train early... ? (Ha! Wishful thinking!)
  • The cats still don't know what to make of her. Until she is bigger and more in control of herself, they probably won't even think she's human.

We love our girl!

Last update:
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Monday, April 20, 2015

Motherhood Is...

Necklace: Gulush Threads (gifted by one of my best friends)
I love having a special piece of jewelry in honor of Presley!

Motherhood is...

Applying make-up at the dining room table while pumping in the morning. #multitasking

Having a crease in your hair from having it in a ponytail for so long.

Discovering another dimension of your marriage.

Perfecting the art of typing with one hand, so you can hold the baby with the other.

Doing everything in your power to resist kissing and squeezing your child so that she won't wake up.

Wearing the same nursing tank top and pajama pants every single weekend.

Feeling proud that you got to take a shower today.

Staring at the baby with your partner while sitting on the couch and then breaking out into laughter at everything she does (because everything she does cute, hilarious and amazing, of course).

Feeling like a spectacular human being (super hero? ha!) for birthing such a perfect baby.

Feeling like the worst, most clueless parent in the world. There is so much to learn.

Losing it, because you spilled freshly pumped breast milk on the kitchen counter. (Literally crying over spilled milk.)

Putting your nose to your baby's mouth when she yawns, because baby breath is made of heaven and rainbows.

Getting odd looks from your partner for doing that.

Hearing phantom cries when you're at work.

Worrying that your baby will pee and poop you out of house and home. So many diaper changes!

Having trouble finding a photo on your iPhone that is not of your baby.

Eating constantly, because breastfeeding is a calorie-burner, y'all! #alwayshungry

Trying to find other things to say at work other than "Oh, my gosh. Last night, Presley did the cutest thing ever."

So much fun!

So much exhaustion.

Playing a constant game of Charades at home to communicate with your partner without waking up the baby.

Never getting to your mug of tea while it's still hot.

Standing on your bed to get the right angle for the perfect photo of your sleeping baby.

Getting so used to baby poop that you giggle and cheer on your baby when she's making a dirty diaper. "Ohhhh! You go, girl. Fill that diaper!"

Realizing that you didn't need nearly as much stuff as you thought you would when you created your baby registry.

A gift.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Filling the Nursery Walls

Well, I survived the first week back at the office! What's more is that I never cried. Can you believe it?

Neither can I.

Getting up on Monday morning at 6:30 AM nearly killed me. That may not sound incredibly early to most people, but considering the interrupted sleep and sleep lost from getting up for Presley's nighttime feeds, it was rough. Knowing that would be the case, I spent the better part of Sunday preparing anything and everything in advance to save me from having to use brain power when getting ready the next morning. It was a smooth transition back to work. Surprisingly, the actual work was easy. I feel like I slipped back into the swing of things without a problem and picked up right where I left off. The hard part of the week was figuring out my new routine at home. It will take some time, but I'll get there.

Now that I'm out of the house most of the day, I have fresh eyes on the place when I get home. I rush to put things back in their proper places -- books, cell phone charger, magazines, dirty onesies, yesterday's mail. Something else I notice? The big, empty spaces on Presley's nursery walls that I have yet to fill. Oops. I dried flowers that we received at the hospital, so I'll wrap them in twine and display in there.

I hopped over to Minted to scope out the nursery wall art. It only took two hours, but I narrowed by favorites down to 20... and then down to 6. Whew!

Clockwise from top left:

They're colorful and have a soft, sweet feeling of cheer and innocence. I like the personalized pieces, but I keep going back to the piece called The Fountain. It looks like a page out of a children's book, and it reminds me of the Great Lawn in Central Park on a perfect spring day -- a city of strangers living out intertwined stories in the sunshine.

Minted never fails. It's more than just pretty paper. It has everything from foil-lettered Christmas cards and personalized stationery (which I have two sets of) to home decor and fabric. Fabric! Their newest collection are the 2015 Save The Date cards. Is four years of marriage too soon to renew vows? I need a reason to get those Save The Date cards. ;)

Alas, I'm already married. So back to the nursery! Which piece (or two?) do you think I should get for Presley's nursery?

Thanks to Minted for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. I have been a fan and customer for years and will continue to be!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Those Parental Intentions I Dished on Three Years Ago

Happy April! (I can't believe THIS was one year ago. I miss that sweet man!)

Sometimes I stroll down the path of archives of this blog. Sometimes it's because I'm in search of something specific, and sometimes it's simply because I want to see where I was x amount of years ago and how much things have changed (or not) since then. I love comparisons that span a specific amount of time, as evidenced by THESE handmade coasters. Do you ever do that? I think it's really neat that THIS picture was taken exactly one year before my nephew was born. When that photo was taken, we had no idea that Kyle was on my sister's horizon. The first time I had this realization, I teared up. So much changed for our family in that year. We grew and worried and healed and fought and loved and came out on the other side one family member greater.

Oh, gosh. Here I go getting carried away with posts of Lindsay's Blog Past. I love that blogs can be little scrapbooks of our lives.

Back to the point.

In looking through my "Parenting" category of my posts, I came upon a post I wrote three years ago called Parental Intentions, and I thought it would be interesting to revisit those five things I had planned for my pregnancy/parenting days.

  1. Have a natural birth. Check! I didn't prepare with Bradley Method or Hypnobabies, because quite honestly, I didn't feel like I needed to. My greatest preparation was talking candidly with other women who had done it (the good, the bad, and the ugly, so to speak) and mentally preparing myself. I approached childbirth with reminders to myself that the baby and I were healthy, I had successfully carried a baby for nine and a half months, and that my body was prepared for childbirth.
  2. Use cloth diapers. We scrapped this idea back in October when we moved to Memphis. When we were in Knoxville, there was a cloth diaper service we planned on using. With both my husband and I working full-time, we were glad to know that someone else would pick-up the dirty diapers and deliver clean ones every week. When I accepted the job in Memphis, we found out that there isn't a similar service here. Furthermore, my husband would be working from home which means he would have been doing all the cloth diapering work. There was no way I was going to obligate him to that, considering it was my goal to cloth diaper all along. I appreciate that he was on board for as long as he was, but parenting is enough work. There wasn't a big discussion about it. One day I simply said, "We don't have to cloth diaper. It's not the end of the world. We have to do what works best for our family." Relief washed over his face!
  3. Breastfeed. Breastfeeding has been wonderful so far, and I am so thankful for that. Presley hasn't had any issues nursing, and I've not had any pain or complications. I don't enjoy pumping (or robot nursing, as it should be called), but breastfeeding has been a success. I'm the resident milk maid!
  4. Make homemade baby food. Press won't be eating solids for another four and a half months, but when she does, homemade baby food is still on the docket. And yes. We will still have a vegetarian household, but once she starts making food choices (in a couple years), she will be free to eat meat when we go out to eat or at gatherings/parties. Her choice.
  5. Use baby sign language. We have a few baby sign language books, and we plan to start signing with Press when she is four months old. Neither of us is fluent in ASL (I wish I was!), but we'll integrate the things we anticipate she'll want to communicate before she can speak: Dad, Mom, milk, more, yes, no, diaper, cat, hurt, thank you, please, etc. I'm excited for this! I have a personal interest in ASL. Recent loves are Signed With Heart on Instagram and the Marlee Signs app.

If I've learned anything in my time of carrying, birthing, and mothering a child, it is that life requires flexibility, but 4 out of 5 ain't bad!

How do you set and reflect on your goals?
How do you "scrapbook" your life, if at all?