Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Final Weeks Before She Arrived

35, 36, 37, 38, and 39 weeks pregnant. (She was born right on time at 40 weeks!)
The last month of pregnancy didn't go exactly as planned. For three consecutive appointments, I had high blood pressure which caused concern. My doctor suspected I might have had preeclampsia (which would have called for induction) and ordered some tests to be done. They all came back normal which made me happy, because I really wanted Baby Girl to show up on her own time instead of being induced. The cure for the high blood pressure was working from home until the baby arrived. That did the trick! High blood pressure, be gone! I am so grateful to have a boss who is understanding and supportive. I spent the last two weeks of pregnancy working from home.

While high blood pressure can be the pits, we had some fun in those final weeks too. We had weeknight movie dates after work. (For the record, The Imitation Game and Whiplash are amazing. Go see them.) We also had some last social hurrahs! We were given tickets to a Grizzlies game (my first NBA game), because S's friend performed the halftime show which was pretty cool. While the friend and his wife were in town, we also had brunch at the Peabody Hotel which was as decadent as one would expect for a historic hotel that has ducks parading through it daily. Delicious. The best surprises were visits from two of my best friends. Caitlin was in town for work and skipped out on an outing to have dinner with us. We hadn't seen her since our wedding, so it was really special that she spent time with us during the pregnancy. Annie and Kristian had simultaneous days off (which is rare for two people working in the hotel/event industry) and decided to drive three hours from Nashville (and three hours back) -- just to have lunch with us. Who does that?! Incredible best friends; that's who. We love them and are so grateful for their friendship and support.

My parents flew out from San Diego for Presley's birth, but the difficult thing about babies is that you don't know exactly when they'll arrive, unless you have a planned C-section. With the blood pressure issues in early February, we wondered if she would be born at 37 weeks, but then that problem subsided, so we were back to playing the waiting game. They arrived in Memphis on February 15 and camped out at the house as we went about our daily business (I was still working from home full-time) and sat down for dinner every night wondering, "When are you coming, Presley? Come on, baby girl. We're ready for you!" It seemed like a very long week of waiting. Admittedly, I was feeling impatient, but I was also thankful that we were both in good health and that she was able to come when she was ready. She was born exactly one week after my parents arrived.

Our last photo as two was taken on 2/21/2015 after a lunch date with my parents. I had been in labor for about ten hours.

Presley was born right on time -- February 22! In a way, I feel like she waited until I was ready. I finished my last big maternity leave prep work project and finished reading The Baby Signing Bible the day before I went into labor. Perfect timing, my dear.

The final weeks before she arrived were filled with surprises. Despite my altered work arrangements and temporarily high blood pressure, all went smoothly, and I couldn't have asked for a better final month. I kind of miss being pregnant and having her in my belly, but hands down, life is much sweeter with her here!

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