Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I Finally Donated My Hair!

As she spoke, Jo took off her bonnet, and a general outcry arose, 
for all her abundant hair was cut short.
"Your hair! Your beautiful hair!" 
"Oh, Jo, how could you? Your one beauty."
"My dear girl, there was no need of this.
"She doesn't look like my Jo any more, but I love her dearly for it!"
Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

This scene always makes me laugh! I love how Amy, in all her immature innocence, tells Jo that her hair was her one beauty. Ouch!

Well, if the photo didn't give it away, I chopped my hair off this weekend. I've wanted to donate my hair for years, but it never panned out. I either wanted to keep my hair long for something (like my wedding) or my hair was too damaged and dry. The time was finally right! My hair has been chemical-free for eight years, and it made sense to cut my hair shorter before all the postpartum shedding and breastfeeding, diapering, and other situations that may lead to pulled/dirty hair. (Motherhood, you glamorous thing.) And so, here I am sans ten inches of hair and enjoying a much shorter wash time in the shower. And now that my hair is shorter and much healthier, my natural waves are back in action!

I chose to donate to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program, because its wigs are completely free to the women with cancer who receive them. Beautiful Lengths does not make money from the wigs, and that just feels right. If you've got at least eight inches of hair to spare and you meet the other requirements (see HERE), consider donating it. It's a free way to contribute something really meaningful to someone else in need!


Jenn said...

You are beautiful, short hair or long! :)

Marie @ Life is a Highway said...

I'm happy to see your wavy hair again! I wish I had natural waves.

Aunie said...

WHAT?! You can donate your hair and STILL have it be that long? Lucky lady!

Devon said...

I love it and you look great! We were once almost able to donate Scott's hair if you can believe it. He needed another 2 inches though and work was starting in a few weeks. Hope you've been feeling well! Thinking of you!