Monday, December 29, 2014

San Diego Baby Shower

A million thanks to my sister and brother-in-law for hosting our baby shower! We connected with some loved ones we hadn't seen in a very long time. Months! Years! Thank you to all who came out to celebrate our little one on the way. You have no idea how loved we feel, and we are so excited for all of you (and us) to meet her very soon.

I'm still trying to collect photos from everyone who attended. I made sure to leave my phone in the guest room so that I could completely focus on spending time with everyone. All but three of the following photos were taken by Sevilla Photography. (Our maternity session was right before the party.)

Our wonderful hosts! My nephew was napping.

You'll never know the love I have for red velvet.

My grandma couldn't keep her hands off my belly. I loved it. Seeing her so excited made me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Over 18 years of friendship right there!

Real men sacrifice themselves for toilet paper diaper designer games.

Yes! Those are blog-turned-real-life friends! Joelle and Emily (who is also pregnant!)

My mom, my sister, and my mom's sisters.

My college friend, Kerry, and her girls. She inspires a lot of how I want to parent. Love her!

Almost all of the family! (Missing my napping nephew)

Takin' it back to high school!

This was the day after, but I love these photos of me with my nephew and my sister.


Unknown said...

The picture of you and your Grandma is the sweetest :) You know that Grandmas hold a sweet spot in my heart so that one is definitely my favorite!


Whitney H said...

Was there a dress code at the shower? Because your entire family is wearing blue, or at least a shade complementing blue! =P Your grandma is SO adorable. I love the look on her face! You're such an adorable preggo. LOVE YOUUU!