Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Our Unexpected Tour of the Hospital

Thanks to business trips and plain ol' good luck, I made it through the first trimester without dear Daddy-to-Be ever hearing or seeing me vomit. That made me happy, and I can only imagine he felt the same. Throwing up is something I prefer to do in private, if I must, and heaven forbid someone try to comfort me by touching me.

Thanks to the hustle and bustle of moving to a new city and starting a new job, our pregnancy preparation was interrupted. I had barely met my new OB when I bombarded him with questions. When can we do my glucose tolerance test? What do I need to do to pre-register at the hospital? Where is the birthing class schedule posted? Do they give hospital tours? We really wanted a hospital tour.

Thanks to working in a senior living community, I'm susceptible to illnesses that go around rather quickly. Despite a quarantine of certain areas of the community, a stomach bug stretched its nasty little wings around me last Friday, and BAM.

I didn't feel well that night after dinner and chalked it up to eating too much for dinner or eating too fast, as we pregnant gals have been known to do. I laid down that night hoping to sleep it off, but within an hour, I awoke with a familiar feeling I hadn't known for months. The nightmare of the first trimester had returned! And again... and again... and again... Within two hours, I had nothing left to give, and just then, S stumbled downstairs amidst all the noise I was making and house lights that should never know the wee hours of the morning. Baby seemed to be fine, but I was worried what dehydration and whatever this "bug" was might do.

He drove. I retched into a Target bag. He put his hand on my back, and while it may have agitated me in the past, I thought, "Thank you. Please help me." I was worried, but I told myself to not be scared and not to panic. I remembered hearing that one should stay as calm as possible when bitten by a snake, because panic and stress would only pump the venom through veins faster. This moment was my snake bite, and I tried to keep calm to talk normally.

We drove to the E.R., and then I was rolled over to Labor & Delivery. In another attempt to keep it calm and lighthearted, I asked the nurse pushing the wheelchair if I should put my hands up and "wooo" as if I was on a roller coaster. All three of us chuckled. Before too long, we were set up in a room, and an angel named Nurse Kim took care of us. I can only hope that the nurses on my delivery day are like Nurse Kim! She was compassionate, thorough, and very attentive. A blood draw here, an IV there, some medication for good measure, a lot of quiet time in between, and we were on our way by 7:00 AM. 

We had a very thorough hospital tour of Maternity that early morning, and I am so happy with what I saw. I think S appreciated the reclining chair at the bedside too! And I am thankful for the man who lovingly put his hand on my back as I ever-so-gracefully puked every 30 minutes.

But have no fear! Baby is completely fine, and after two days, I'm back in action. Just a Mom and Daughter showing illness how we do life. TAKE THAT! ;) We're still on track for our trip to San Diego this Friday!


Meg O. said...

Sheesh! How scary! Getting sick while pregnant is really the worst, because you can't really take anything and you're totally on high alert for the baby's sake. I'm so glad everything was okay and you are doing fine now!

Brita Long said...

I feel your pain! I spent the weekend after Thanksgiving violently ill. While I'm definitely not pregnant, my husband took me to the gastroenterologist to make sure my Crohn's was okay. I'm glad to hear you and the baby are doing just fine!

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