Wednesday, December 10, 2014

3 Baby Things I Love and a Request for Recommendations

I check our Babies "R" Us registry daily, thinking I'll find something to add or remove. It's an obsession that is similar to the insanity that causes a person to check a refrigerator every five minutes with the hope that something new has appeared. And let's be honest, I just like looking at baby stuff. We haven't set up her nursery yet, but I frequently walk in her room and stare at her things. The clothes, the blankets, the gadgets. I can't wait to see her using all of it, but there are three things in particular that excite me about having a daughter.

Sophie the Giraffe. This teether is so damn cute. I fell in love with it the first time I saw a kid with one. Sophie is a gender neutral toy, in my opinion, but carrying around a little girl and her Sophie is going to be precious.

This dress from my childhood. I'm not sure if my mom or grandma made it, but I love that she'll be able to wear something I wore as a kid.

I really dislike that so much (read: almost all) "baby girl" stuff is pink. Things don't have to be pink to be cute or feminine. Some pink is good; all pink is not my taste. But how cute are these moccasin boots?! They were gifted at my surprise baby shower/going away party in Knoxville, and I die every time I see them.

Also, I'm in love with Twilight Turtle and the Crane humidifier (which we've already opened and used). In short, I'm obsessed with all of her things, both the cute and the functional.

Mommy friends, what are your baby item recommendations? 
What could you not live without, especially in those first few months?

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Darby Hawley said...

Those shoes are precious! Killing me adorable!

Baby stuff is awesome. Dutch is here and I still love his things way more than my own. I still go through and modify things on his registry for when I'm in the store hehe

I promise I'm not trying to pump my blog but I wrote 2 posts on must-haves and I STILL standby them for mama:

and baby: