Monday, November 3, 2014

I Feel Like I Blinked and Was 24 Weeks Pregnant

That title is misleading. I mean it as in "time flew by," not like "this baby was made by blinking."

This blog post is not starting off the way I had planned.

While we're off to a weird start, I'll confess that the following photo was taken using a shoe bench drawer atop a tall cat perch as a camera tripod. My husband is out of town on business, so I had to be resourceful. (curtsy)

The last six weeks have been a complete tornado of change. When I finally had a quiet day at home this past Saturday, my body surrendered to rest. My energy was completed zapped, and I remembered that the pregnancy wasn't all to blame. It was the fact that I wrapped up a job, moved my family across the state, kept up with two grad classes, and started a new job. So... busy! Now it's November, and it's hard to believe that this little girl is going to be here in just 3.5 months. Last week I had the first moment of anxiety about labor and delivery. I had never thought twice about having a natural birth, but for a brief moment, I thought, "How am I going to do this?" More curiosity than anxiety, I think, but still -- it became very real. I just need to remind myself that my body has been made to do this and that any pain I'll feel will be for good reason and will have an end in sight. I can do this!

Pregnancy continues to be a really interesting and funny experience. The last nine weeks have been free of morning/day/night sickness and so much more fun than the rough beginning that brought me to tears. I spend time sitting cross-legged on the couch staring at my bare belly as it twitches with her every move, and I can't help but giggle and gush to her, "Good job, baby girl!" It's a really fun stage right now, especially as S becomes more and more warm-and-fuzzy about her. He kisses my belly, starts sentences with "When she's here," and requested baby registry items as birthday gifts from my family.

I'm growing by the hour, and I'm constantly fascinated at what a difference a day makes. My innie belly button is flattening out. I have to alter how I sit and carry things, because my belly gets in the way. My clothes are begging me to buy their maternity cousins. I feel like a new woman every time I look in the mirror, so let me introduce myself:

Hi! My name is Lindsay, and I'm six months pregnant (which is blowing my mind).


Jenn said...

I am definitely looking forward to following your journey. Although I am not anywhere close to being pregnant, I imagine myself having a natural birth. Maybe I am a little ahead of myself. :)

Unknown said...

Wow! It really has gone super fast! Im just still so excited for y'all!

Meg O. said...

Seriously!!! Time is FLYING for you!! And of course, you are one beautiful 6-month pregnant lady!!

Whitney H said...

I cannot believe that you are SIX MONTHS pregnant already. That's insane!! You and S are going to be fantastic parents.

Marie @ Life is a Highway said...

You are going to be a great momma!

Unknown said...

My you look BEAUTIFUL!! Can't wait to give you both a BIG HUG!! :D