Thursday, November 6, 2014

East to West: Why We Moved to Memphis

It all started with a phone call at work.

During a workshop at work in August, I was asked if I would consider moving if the right opportunity with the company presented itself, and without hesitation, I said "yes." S and I had discussed my career goals over the last year, and we knew that we would one day move so that I could reach those goals. Knoxville is pretty, but it isn't exactly where my corporate career would flourish. There weren't any opportunities that interested me at the time, but it was nice to know that the conversation had been opened. It felt good to be recognized, and I would just wait until my time came.

My time came in the form of a phone call only one month later. I got a call at work about a new position at one of our communities in the Memphis area. It was unexpected, and I had a lot of questions, but I was told, "I can set up a call for you and the Executive Director, so you can find out more. Just see what happens. No obligation." Couldn't hurt, right? That call led to a visit/interview, so on the day I hit 17 weeks pregnant, my little belly and I drove the six hours to Memphis. She must have been my lucky charm, because I was offered the job!

S and I spent two whole weeks deciphering whether or not it was the right choice to accept the job, even though I knew I wanted it. Is this a good time to move? Do we want to live outside of Memphis? Can we get out of our current lease? Will S be able to keep his current job and work from home? etc. We went through a lot of emotions over those two weeks. One day we'd feel optimistic and semi-sure we would do it; the next day we'd feel like it wouldn't make sense for our family. At one point, we were sure the answer would be "no," and I was in tears. I wanted to take this move in my career so badly! We went back to the drawing board, and after we knocked some sense into ourselves, we decided that we would make an educated leap of faith -- just as we had done several times before in our marriage and never looked back. I accepted the job, and almost immediately, everything fell into place. We knew we made the right decision.

I will never forget how hard S tried to make this move work, because he supported me and knew how much this would mean for me professionally, and ultimately, for our family personally. He sat down with pen and paper and truly made sense of our thought process as we searched for the answer. I am so lucky to have this man in my corner, rooting for me at all times.

The craziness began! We (meaning "he") packed, we booked movers, I prepped my job for my replacement, I tried to keep my head above water in school, we ate a lot of pizza, we lost a lot of sleep, I looked for a new doctor close to our new home, I walked in on the preparation for my surprise baby shower/going away party, and we (he) packed some more! We moved two weeks ago, and I am so happy we're here. I hit the ground running at my new job last Monday. My work is cut out for me (and then some), but I'm thrilled to be there.

SIDE NOTE: I feel like a walking oxymoron as a Human Resources Director with a personal blog. Teachers, photographers, wedding planners, artists? Sure. HR lady? Unheard of.

We still have some small boxes to unpack and the crib to assemble, but we are settled in. It's a great house with plenty of room for guests (of which we hope we get many!), and we are happy to make the space ours. More importantly, we will make this place "home" for our daughter.

So here we are. Living in Memphis and embracing a life that looks completely different than it did two months ago. And preparing to add a baby to it.


Darby Hawley said...

You've certainly had A LOT of change in the last year! What another wonderful surprise and promotion! I'm thrilled for you and all of the good happenings going on in your life right now :-)

Michelle said...

Aw Linds I'm so happy for you guys! You are having some great adventures right now. And congrats on the promotion! You are killing it, lady!

GS said...

Congratulations on your two promotions to "mom" and Director of Human Resources! You wear both hats nicely!

Unknown said...

Woohoo! You go Lindsay! So happy to hear that not only is your career flourishing, but that your family is as well. Can't wait to meet the little girl!

Whitney H said...

You are a superwoman! Seriously. I admire you, sis. So proud of you for the promotion!!

Brita Long said...

I'm so behind in your blog. How exciting! Congrats on the new job, the big move, and the awesome husband!