Monday, November 17, 2014

A Little About the Growing Little Lady

I didn't plan to be a "bumpdate" blogger, but it seems to be the most concise way to share my thoughts and how things are going right now for the little lady (the baby, not me). I'll admit that, before I was pregnant, I skimmed bumpdate posts, at best. The photos were the best part to me, but other than that, I couldn't relate. If you click away from this post, I totally understand, and I promise I won't be doing this weekly for the rest of the pregnancy!

For those who are currently pregnant, just generally interested, or family/friends waiting for details, I present to you our Week 26 Bumpdate.

How far along?
26 weeks and 1 day

Gender of baby

Size of baby
According to my Ovia app, she's somewhere in the ballpark of a butternut squash and just shy of two pounds.

Wearing maternity clothes?
I wore maternity pants for the first time last Wednesday, and they are magical! I'm not kidding. Why are regular pants not made the same way? I think the world would be an exponentially happier place if everyone experienced the comfort of maternity pants on a daily basis.

I sleep like a rock, just as I always have, but I have been awoken by baby kicks a few times. She's not even born yet, and she's already waking me up early. Heaven help me.

Best moment(s) this week
1) S came home from work travel one week ago, and he has done everything in his power to make things easy for me. That is his usual way, but he is doing everything -- cooking (including the most amazing vegetarian meatloaf and Thanksgiving stuffing in the universe!), cleaning, moving/carrying/unpacking boxes, massaging my aching shins. Aside from him being his wonderful self, I love whenever he touches or kisses my belly. Now that I'm showing so much, it is so much more real for both of us!
2) One of my best friends has started writing letters to the baby for me to hang on to until she's older. It's a really sweet tradition that reminds me how much this baby is loved already. I'll have to get a keepsake box or hope chest to save things like these letters.

Things I've been told
"She's all belly!"

Missing anything?
Abdominal muscles. It wasn't until I wasn't supposed to bear down or exert energy from my torso that I realized how often I use my abdominal muscles. This growing baby is causing abdominal separation which feels really weird.

Food cravings
I want an In-N-Out grilled cheese with animal style fries, but that has nothing to do with being pregnant.

Anything making you queasy or sick?
Prenatal vitamins. I plug my nose and wash them down with my protein shake every morning. I know there are other prenatals that are more delicious, but the Vitamin Code RAW prenatal vitamins are the best I could find, and I'm willing to sacrifice my taste buds for a few seconds each morning to give her the good stuff.

Labor signs
No, and let's keep it that way for another 11+ weeks.

My only symptom is that I feel exhausted by 8:00 PM every day, but I think that has more to do with starting a new job than being pregnant. 

Belly button in or out?
A little bit of both! It's on its way out but not quite there yet. It looks really funny to me.

Happy, happy, happy (and tired)! Baby girl is healthy, I'm healthy, S is home, the holidays are just around the corner, my new job is going really well, and I finished my last two classes with an A- and a B+. The B+ really messed up my GPA, but whatever. To survive a full-time job, pregnancy, moving, and two grad school classes at all felt nothing short of a miracle.

Looking forward to...
Our trip to San Diego next month for an extended weekend of baby shower and early Christmas fun!

That's all for now! Today is our first appointment with the new OB. Here's to hoping it's a great first visit and that we "click" much better than I did with my OB in Knoxville (which shouldn't be hard to beat)!


Unknown said...

You're gorgeous and you make being pregnant seem a lot less scary than most others hahaha!
Love you and I enjoyed this post, Sis!

Meg O. said...

Okay, don't apologize for doing bumpdates!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE! Because we love them! Promise! Do them! And yes, maternity pants. And I wish we had an In n Out here!!

Whitney H said...

There are some bumpdates that I'd skip but definitely NOT yours! Love reading this!