Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sharing the News

Sharing the pregnancy news with our immediate family and best friends was something that I looked forward to but hadn't planned. I always thought we'd have plenty of time to think of some witty way to share the news, because friends and books and articles frequently reminded me that it might take awhile to get pregnant. That will give me plenty of time to peruse Pinterest, I thought. Well, our journey didn't take long at all, so there was no time to brainstorm. I couldn't hold in the news for long. I couldn't wait to tell my family! It didn't take long for my sister's intuition to call me out via text message. "Are you freakin' preggers?! Tell me the truth! You can't hide it from me!" Nope, I couldn't. She caught me!

One day shy of seven weeks pregnant, we FaceTime'd with my parents to check in and say hi -- something I do with them every week or so. It was nothing out of the ordinary. Because I often take "pictures" (meaning screen shots) when I FaceTime with my nephew, they didn't think it was odd when I suggested the four of us take a photo together. I said,

"Get in close! 1... 2... 3... WE'RE PREGNANT!" I captured their reactions.

It was a kind of excitement and joy I hadn't known before. I think all of us were misty-eyed. I am so thankful.