Monday, May 12, 2014

The New Usual & Embellished Necklines

Dress: eShakti // Earrings: gifted // Bracelet: Neon & Nude (shop closed) // Shoes: DSW

My "usual day" has taken on many forms over the last several months. Between S's business travel, my once-new job (now just... my job), and school, time is like an escape artist. I'll look at the clock at 9:00 p.m., shake my fist at the sky, and groan "How is it 9:00 already?!" Work has been enjoyably challenging, and I feel like I've completely thrown myself into it, and it has already paid off. I'm genuinely excited about my career -- and the hours I've logged prove it.

This is all the more reason why I savor weekend outings. Errands, lunch date, and a movie at home. That's our usual, and I love it. But last month we changed it up a bit and went to Cirque du Soleil's Varekai! Check that off my List of 100 Dreams (which is still growing)! We made an afternoon of it and tried a new restaurant for lunch and gave ourselves time to get to the arena early. Our Big City brains overestimated the Small City crowds and parking situation, so we laid out my sweater on a UT lawn, rested our heads on it side-by-side, and napped in the sunshine.

As casual as we are, I loved having a reason to get dressed up, even if only "afternoon fancy."

When eShakti contacted me to send me something from their spring collection, it was a quick decision. This Floral Embellished Scoop Neck Poplin Dress screamed "Lindsay." Black, embellished neckline, classic silhouette. SOLD. I sent over my measurements with a few alterations. Because I'm petite, I also customized the length to "above the knee" to match my short legs at the knee and added short sleeves. That's the great thing about eShakti! My purchases are literally made to fit me, and that's something to smile about!

I loved wearing that dress. I finally saw a Cirque show. I spent the day with my man. It was a good day.


Whitney H said...

I'm seriously in love with this dress! The color is perfect on you and the embellishment is gorgeous!

Marie @ Life is a Highway said...

You look so good in this dress. I love your fashion sense and style! Kinda missed your blogs. Keep it up!

Darby Hawley said...

You make that dress look gorgeous! I'm elated to hear how well things are going for you!