Wednesday, April 2, 2014

There's a First April Fool's Prank for Everyone

No one had ever pulled an April Fool's prank on me... until today. And my co-workers got me (and the big boss) so good! Today at work, I got a call from one of our associates who said that two managers were in a huge argument and that things were going to "go down."

(phone rings)
Hi! This is Lindsay.

Lindsay, you guys need to get to Building 1 right now. 
The managers are fighting, and it's about to go down!


They're arguing in the office, and they're really loud, and something's going to happen soon. 
Get over here now!

I should note that this particular building houses residents with Dementia and Alzheimer's, so any change or disruption to their environment could get them worked up and really throw off the rest of the day. My Executive Director overheard my end of the conversation and was soon standing at my desk with a puzzled look.

(with utter confusion)
Janelle and Mallory?!

(grabbing cell phone and keys off the desk, semi-shouting)
I don't know! That's what she said!

Wondering why in the world two great managers were even arguing in the first place, we sprinted out of our office, across the community, and into Building 1. She knocked on the office door slightly muffling voices, and they came running out yelling, "April Fool's!"

Those pranksters watched us through a window as we ran. They giggled and patted themselves on the backs as we ran across the street. Oh, they got us good! The best part? One of our sweet residents in his 90s was in the living room with us as we laughed hysterically, and he said to the pranksters, "No pay raises for you this month!"

Lesson #1: Never question how quickly I will run if there is an emergency.
Lesson #2: I better watch my back. My co-workers are GOOD.
Lesson #3: Even people with Dementia can have impeccable timing and get the last laugh.

*Names were changed for the purpose of confidentiality.


Angie said...

I love this post, all of it!!

Marie @ Life is a Highway said...

What a funny story. After doing a lot of reading and taking quizzes, I needed to have a good laugh, I read this story again!