Wednesday, March 5, 2014

10 Things I Enjoyed in February (and a Giveaway!)

  1. Sweet reminders from my husband. He was out of town on Superbowl Sunday. Knowing how much I love Bruno Mars, he called that afternoon to remind me to catch the halftime show. As we all recall, there was a football at the Bruno Mars concert. ;)
  2. Leisurely errands. Some women need "retail therapy." Sometimes I enjoy strolling around Target and drugstores rather than the usual "rush in, rush out, check it off the list" errand running. How is it that I can spend so much time looking at face wash and mascara?
  3. Snow. Five beautiful inches of it.
  4. Ten-day break. I checked out of life for ten days. Other than my job, school, and necessary life things like laundry and cooking, I forced myself to take a break from everything else and only do things I wanted to do (and sleep). That may sound a little extreme, but it was needed!
  5. We paid off my car. No more car payments for us! Sending that last payment felt so good. Ahhh, to be an adult.
  6. New purse for $29. Thanks, Steinmart!
  7. I'm settling in my new job. Well, making progress, rather. There is a lot of work to be done, but little by little, I know I'll get things where they need to be. 
  8. Being the bearer of good news. I love offering jobs to people!
  9. S came home after five weeks out of town. 
  10. Making plans. Tennessee road trip with family! Wedding and nephew's 1st birthday party in San Diego! In-laws visiting in the fall!


Remember the delicious Sweet Drops I told you about? SweetLeaf is sending them to one of YOU! Now is your chance to try Sweet Drops before they hit shelves. Entries are super easy. Good luck!

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WINNER UPDATE 3/9/2014: Congratulations to Belle from Finding My Virginity!


Devon said...

Hi friend! Sounds like a good month. Hope you're enjoying the snow. I'm sure you'll enjoy the road trip!

Unknown said...

They already have a cola flavor, so if they make a lime flavor, I can mix them together and it will taste like Diet Coke with Lime! Right? Maybe?

Angie said...

Much to be happy about!!! Hope March is fabulous to you as well :)

Sandra said...

passion fruit

Marie @ Life is a Highway said...

Sweet that your February was fabulous. You'll be movin' up and on in March! I think Sweet Drops needs to make a watermelon flavor. Perfect for summertime. I hear watermelon slices soaked in vodka is wonderful and refreshing, but definitely no vodka in Sweet Drops!