Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Nostalgia on McCalla

I love a good Pottery Barn catalog, truly. But there is something about antique and vintage stores that calls to me. It's always the same. I feel an initial, brief moment of chaos when laying my eyes on aisles and racks that lack the uniformity of a Macy's, but once I start looking at pieces one at a time, I could spend two hours just looking at stuff. And that's exactly what I did at Nostalgia on McCalla.

I went in to look at the vinyl records for sale and spent a good chunk of time thumbing through box after box, rack after rack. I settled on two and continued down the aisle where I found thing after pretty thing that I wanted to buy like a set of drinking glasses with gold detailing in a metal caddy and a typewriter and a stained-glass window and a globe and a rotary telephone and... the list goes on. My husband and I are very good with our money, so I am a professional window shopper, but I did seriously consider buying an old school desk and chair (see photo above). I had a flashback to my first assigned desk in first grade in 1989 which made me all mushy and reminiscent. That place is called Nostalgia for a reason! Had I been pregnant or with a small child, that desk would be in our third bedroom right now. I could hardly stand the cuteness!

After a week that left me throwing my hands up and "checking out of life" (my exact words to my mom), two leisure hours wandering through the place left me more peaceful and only $15 shorter. When making my purchase, a fantastically flamboyant man (a resident vendor, I think) chimed in about the records I bought, and we got to talking about music. I told him I was on the hunt for a certain record which has a song that I want to name a daughter after. He lit up when I said the song title, and he was misty-eyed when I sang the first two lines of the song! Full-on fanning his eyes and choked up. The song isn't sad, by any means, but it reminded me that music is a powerful language. Who knows what emotions that song dug up for him? (And in a world where people are usually quick to judge baby name choices, I felt really proud that three men of varying ages loved the "unique name that [they] had never heard/met before.")

If you love vintage flair (or feel like sharing a fear happy tears with a stranger), check out Nostalgia on McCalla! :)

**I have yet to visit their "big sister" store, Nostalgia, but I'll do that soon!

Are you a vintage or antique lover/buyer/window shopper?


Marie @ Life is a Highway said...

Linz, I think the man became emotional because of your sweet voice, more than the the song choice. Your voice moves people!

kookookachoo said...

I'm obsessed with the name Emaline. There are so many old songs with this name!