Thursday, January 30, 2014

On Best Friendship: Just Being

Best friends don't need elaborate plans. They are like family. They can just be.

They sit on the couch and talk work, marriage, and record players.

They're honest about the obstacles of moving to a new state and starting a new job after "It's exciting" and "It's going well" have been on repeat for others who are spared the truth about how it can be things other than exciting and fun. (Spoiler alert: It can be stressful and lonely and frustrating and cause for arguments with your husband.)

They chat in the bathroom while one does her make-up.

They navigate a downtown area neither of them knows.

They talk late into the night even though their eyes are getting smaller and smaller.

They hug goodbye. And then hug again. And then hug one more time.

They get lost in just being together and neglect their phones (which means no photos!).

Occasionally, they do have elaborate plans, like seeing a friend in the national tour of "I Love Lucy: Live on Stage" (Yay, Jayme Lake!) and having an amazing dinner at Gaylord Opryland Hotel (where best friend has the hook-up -- her husband).

Dear Ace,

It feels so good to have "chosen family" just a few hours away. Tennessee now feels more like home. Thank you for the records (which I love!) and letting me crash for the night. I so needed that time just being with you. And thank you for drinking a Tennessee Tea with me. :) Let's catch another weekend together soon, and next time it will be for more than 22 hours. I love you guys.



Kate said...

Love this. It's so, so true, and such a good reminder.

Unknown said...

Best Friends are the best!!!
As are you my dear dear friend!

Oh hello, Love said...

I love this! I'm glad you have such a good friend nearby! It makes me remember how lucky I am to have my sister a phone call away and good girl friends right here in the city. Thanks for sharing!

Devon said...

This made me feel very grateful for friendships. I like the way you wrote this. What you said about new jobs is so true.