Thursday, January 16, 2014

It's All Good

This may seem strange, but I've been thinking about this photo I posted on Instagram two months ago:

"For those who have been fooled into thinking I have beautiful Pocahontas hair, let this frizzy, wavy mess serve as my confession. #hairproblems #cottonheadedninnymuggins"

Let me explain. I posted that photo early one morning before flat-ironing my hair, as I do two or three times a week. I'm often told I have great hair, but it's only after I whip it into shape. I get so frustrated sometimes, because I wish my air-dried, natural hair looked smooth and professional enough for work. Do you know how much time I would save in a year if I could let my hair air dry? Anyway, my "wild woman hair" was tempting my it's-too-early-for-this-crap sarcasm, and I posted that.

But people said nice things. Really nice things. And the photo was "liked" far more than most of my Instagram photos. It reminded me that a) The grass is always greener... and b) Everyone knows that feeling. You know, the feeling that other people have it easier, even though we know that it's all relative and we all have different priorities and wants.

The pipes broke in two buildings at work last week, and it was hectic. The dining rooms were shut down, a few residents were moved to unaffected apartments, and repair people and emergency contractors swarmed the community. Those long exhausting days made keeping up with school a challenge, and I didn’t sleep much. Then, I made the mistake of turning to my favorite blogs for some light reading but was greeted with stories about self-doubt and accountability and why marriage is hard but worth it (which seems to be a very popular blog topic lately). All of them were genuine, good reads, but I thought, Hot damn. Everyone thinks everyone else’s life, job, marriage, education, and household are easier than her own.

So hey. I’m going to say this, because clearly, so many of us (including me) need to hear this: IT’S ALL GOOD. What is easy for one person may feel out of reach to another. I'm going to stop sitting around secretly comparing my life to others and pining for their seemingly easier lives. The grass will always be greener on the other side if I keep pissing all over my own grass, right? ;)

It's all good, people! Okay. That is all.


Meg O. said...

First of all, your "unstyled" hair is still ah-mazing.

And you're so right. I don't really understand why we must compare and do that to ourselves. I mean it's hard not to with blogs and social media. I'm glad it's all good with you. :)

Anonymous said...

I feel the exact same way about my hair! You are so right to take a step back and be thankful for even having hair- even if it takes an hour to do.

I met a patient yesterday that made me feel thankful for a lot.

Here is my blog post about it.

Love your blog! I am a newbie here in Houston just learning all of this!

Whitney H said...

Meg is totally right: I'd kill for your untamed hair!

Even I, with pin straight hair, still spend time fixing it up every morning. Like you said, the grass is always greener.

Miss you lovely!