Monday, December 2, 2013

Exploring Knoxville: UT Football Game

I'm obsessed with taking panoramic photos with my iPhone.

The weekend before Thanksgiving, I went to my first big football game! UT was playing Vanderbilt, and my husband was given tickets to the game. It was a last-minute plan, but I want to see Knoxville for all that it is. I have wanted to go to a football game (Division I college or NFL) for so long. It was a quick drive from our house to downtown, and then we braved the cold and wind on our walk to Neyland Stadium. One thing I love about this college town is that people show up in all their orange glory to support the Vols no matter what kind of season their having. It's been less than stellar season, but the town is painted orange every game day.

On November 23, the stadium was nearly packed. I loved the energy of the stadium. It was just as I had expected and a big part of the reason I've wanted to go to a major football game. My university's football stadium has a mere 6,000 seats, so the experience was nothing like this. S had a few flashbacks to his college days at University of Wisconsin-Madison. I love hearing stories from his college days, since I didn't arrive on the scene until much later in his life.

To our surprise, our seats had the nifty cushions, and we snuggled up under a blanket. I loved all of it. The marching bands, the fireworks, the pre-game ceremonies, the halftime show. And thanks to my show choir days, I knew the lyrics to "Rocky Top" which, as the unofficial fight song, only played a million times. "Rocky Top, you'll always be home sweet home to me..." S was surprised I was singing along!

Four turnovers worked in their favor which kept them in the lead, but ultimately, they lost. Being that it was the last home game, a win would have been nice, but at least it was a close game.

It was a fun night! I'd love to go to another game next season. And hey, a win would be great too. Ya hear that, Vols? ;) 'Til next season!

- Be prepared to walk a mile or two to the stadium.
- Bring a blanket.
- Wear orange. :)

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Ellie said...

At first I thought, "how the heck does she know how many seats are in the USD stadium? Even I don't know that and I interned in the athletics realm for a year!" And then a flash of you giving a walking tour came into my head and it all made sense... :)