Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How Cardstore Makes My Life Easier

If you've ever spent more than ten seconds at this blog, I don't have to tell you that I'm close with my family and that we stop at nothing to stay connected across many, many miles! But what can a gal do when her dear grandmother isn't keen on talking on the phone and doesn't have Skype or FaceTime at her disposal? Well, let me tell you. Once upon a time, people shared words of love and good will through an archaic system called the postal service. ;)

I'm a big fan of good old-fashioned snail mail. Especially with today's technology, it means a lot to me when I receive a note in the mail. It feels more personal and thoughtful. I love sending cards to my grandma, and from what my mom tells me, my grandma loves getting them. I planned on printing a photo to enclose in my next card, but then I decided to make a card using the photo.

Cardstore offers the online convenience of sending a card in the mail. Customizing a card, including a photo in the design, and adding a personal note has never been easier. Just start by selecting a category (occasion, holiday, artist, or brand), and then choose a design. Easy.

This wasn't the first time I used Cardstore. Remember last year's Christmas card? Not only did we design our card through the website, but Cardstore mailed them out for us too. Again, easy. To make the deal even sweeter, they always have some sort of discount promotion. We're getting ready to place our Christmas card order soon.

Are you a Cardstore customer? Check out their cards (and stationery)!

** Disclosure: I received a complimentary card to send in exchange for my thoughts on the product. All opinions are my own.  As I mentioned above, I was already a very satisfied Cardstore customer.


Jess said...

Grandmas are THE BEST!
This made my heart smile :)


Ellie said...

And they ship to APO addresses! :)

Unknown said...

I need this in my life! I am the worst card sender ever!!!!! Really I am checkin this out!!!