Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"We're LOADS of Fun!"

So here's the thing. September was a crappy month. It sucked a whole lot, and it wouldn't have been fun to write about -- or read about. (I know this to be true from Facebook and the resulting handful of people whom I have un-friended or hidden from my news feed!) I was trapped in the type of disappointment that makes one feel like it is permanent, and that can drive a person crazy. I was exhausted and angry and lonely with only splashes of overall good days.

To set the record straight, nothing happened to us at the cabin. The move was preemptive following the news that our neighbors' cabin was broken into for the second time in six weeks. The first time, the thieves broke in through a window, snatched the flat screen TV, and exited through the front door. This prompted the neighbors to install a security system, but it didn't do the job. The police suspect that the robbers were watching from the woods. When the coast was clear, they hit up the cabin for the replacement flat screen TV. Not only did our neighbor return to a broken door and missing TV, but Molly, his dog, was gone for 26 hours. They aren't sure if she was taken or if she ran away, but at least she came back home.

Things are expensive, but they are just things. You can't replace your family and pets. Mr. TBS and I couldn't bear the thought of losing Amelie or Boone in a situation like that. Also, there was no way I was staying in that place alone when Mr. TBS was out of town for work. Safety first! So we moved.

Reasons Why I Hate Thieves:

- For starters, they straight-up steal stuff.
- They threaten the safety and comfort of others.
- It cost us a pretty penny to break a lease and then take on a new one.
- I had to put off school until January.

Reasons Why My Husband and I Are Awesome:

+ We packed and moved by ourselves in 27 hours.+ We didn't kill each other.
+ We overcame a 13-inch height difference which really takes a toll when carrying furniture!
+ We did not require chiropractic services afterward.
+ We decided that we are going to start our own moving company. We don't know what the name will be, but our tag line will be "We're LOADS of Fun!" (The true humor lies in the lifeless tone with which my husband said those words.)

To all you kiddos out there: Don't steal. It doesn't make you cool; it makes you a jerk. Karma is real, and it will kick your ass.

To the thieves in the woods: Ha! We beat you to the punch! You're not going to get our TV or cats. Suckers.


Unknown said...

Preemptive strikes can be a good thing. It sounds like it was a frustrating experience, but I'm glad y'all will be in a safer place!

Aunie said...

so scary. you guys made the smart decision. just sad it cost you putting of school! thinking of you still and hoping for a great october!

thenerdykatie said...

Okay, reading about the dog made me tear up, probably because I have a Molly.

Darby Hawley said...

I am so proud of you two sticking it out together! That is tough though, and those thieves simply still your trust and security. no good!

Charisma said...

I'm so sorry you had to deal with that! About four years ago, robberies started happening in the neighborhood we lived in. My husbands wheels on his truck were stolen so we decided to break our lease and move. It ended up being SUCH a good decision! I'm sure that you two are going to love your new place and sleep so much better at night! :)

Jenn said...

Seriously, we considered opening a moving company when we just moved. We dropped items off during the week, normally after dark. So our name would be "The Midnight Movers". But then we thought let's flip houses and be a moving company called "The Flippin' Midnight Movers"! You two were much quicker with you move and I could only imagine hearing your enthusiasm with your slogan!!

Betsy Transatlantically said...

oh YIKES. sounds like you guys made a smart decision even if it was painful! glad you're where you should be now :)