Monday, October 14, 2013

A Long Distance Birthday Party

Not too long ago, Lauren was preparing for her move to Chicago – a move that meant her sister would no longer be down the street for her. Being that Kate will be bringing a beautiful baby boy into the world later this year, Lauren asked me (in an e-mail conversation):
“I have a feeling that once my nephew is born, I'll wish I was back in NC. 
How do you do it?!   
Especially with a nephew as adorable as yours!”

My best advice was to take advantage of all forms of technology. My family has become quite adept at this. I get a daily photo of my nephew. I FaceTime with my parents and brother. I Skype with my sister and BIL. Phone calls. E-mails. Text messages. Facebook. Instagram. We’re so “now”!

My phone rang on Saturday night, and I ended up attending an impromptu party in honor of my sister’s birthday. It was amazing.

A Long Distance Birthday Party 1
A Long Distance Birthday Party 2
A Long Distance Birthday Party 3
Long Distance Birthday Party 02
Long Distance Birthday Party 06

A Long Distance Birthday Party

 I do think that smart phones and social media can distract people from daily face-to-face communication, but when used appropriately, they are life-savers. Wouldn’t you agree? 


RadiantKristen said...

This is such a cool way to celebrate a birthday from afar! It's impressive the amount of work you and your family put into maintaining your close bond.

Whitney said...

I absolutely agree! If it weren't for technology, I don't think that Nick and I could have lived apart for 4 months. If only my parents had smart phones to Facetime!

Devon said...

It's awesome you guys take advantage of all the ways to communicate these days. Gotta love group family texts. Your nephew is getting so big!