Thursday, August 1, 2013

Shared Experiences

Shared Experiences 03
I’ve been thinking a lot about how much our lives have changed in a very short period of time and how our life today is nothing like we could have imagined. I know everyone says that, but our marriage has truly been an adventure that no one could have predicted!

Each time we’ve moved, Mr. TBS has always remarked that he is so glad that the cats have each other. I like to think that we’re fluent in Meow, but spoiler alert: We’re not. When Tolly passed away, we adopted Boone soon after, because we didn’t want Amelie to be lonely. They warmed up to each other quickly, but they were never as affectionate as sibling kitties (like Lauren’s Milo and Otis). However, we’ve noticed that with each big event in our household, they’ve grown closer.

Packing and moving to a new house.
Watching wild animals roam outside the kitchen windows.
Being without power or A/C.
Visiting the vet.
Boone’s emergency vet visits.
Packing again.
** Choosing to squeeze into one carrier in the back seat for a 16-hour drive.
Discovering how fun it is to chase each other on hard wood floors.

From their point of view, there are a lot of unexplained, UFO-like things that have happened around them. Of course, they know they’re safe with us, but there is still the unknown. It’s like your best friend telling you to do something without saying why, and when you hesitate, she just says, “Trust me.” You think “okay” but still hope nothing embarrassing or bad happens, you know? Through these leaps of faith, the cats have become noticeably closer, and that makes us so happy.

And really, our marriage is different too. How could it not be? Our relationship is one big, shared experience. We speak the same sarcastic language. We’ve taken leaps of faith together. We’ve moved four times. We’ve laughed at and with each other. Ten years from now, these shared experiences will be memories, inside jokes, and lessons. Even when the unexpected strikes, we always come out on the other side. I guess that makes us a pretty kick-ass team.

** Also, I am grateful that one shared experience we can both do without is cuddling in bed. We have a California king-sized bed for a reason. Space, please! (And the award for most romantic wife goes to...)


Bree said...

Awww, animals are just the sweetest! :) My parents have 2 dogs and they absolutely cannot live without each other. They always have to know where the other one is or they panic.

My sister brought Lucy over to my house one day and she would not calm down! Its because she didn't bring Zoe with her, and she was a nervous wreck. Because when both of them come to my house they are perfectly fine! lol

Jasmine said...

i can't wait to get albus a doggie friend - hopefully they will be BFF!

and i feel you on the space thing. i always try to cuddle at first (literally every night i try) but my morning i'm pretty firmly on the other side of australia. with albus having snuck his way in between us, fully stretched out.

Ellie said...

That cat carrier picture is absolutely adorable!

Unfortunately, I noticed the opposite happen with my two. When I got Kayiloo in NC, after the initial growling, hissing, and "you're in my house", they were good friends and would cuddle all the time. When we moved to SC, they would still cuddle and were close, but it was noticeably less, and by the time we got to Germany, they definitely didn't hate each other, but cuddling was minimal and chasing and jealousy was frequent. It broke my heart to see, and there was nothing I could do about it. However, I know they weren't total enemies because now that Kanu is gone, Kayiloo has started to perform some of his traits that he was notorious for. I can see that she misses him, but she's also really glad that she can monopolize all of my cuddle time now.