Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lindsay Lately

I thoroughly enjoyed my last week at home. I know I haven't blogged as often since we moved to Knoxville, but I'm getting back on the wagon, now that I'll have a regular routine again. A bit of life lately:

1.) Cream cheese croissants. So bad yet so good.

2.) Thrifting. Do it. Whoever first said that one man's junk is another man's treasure was so, so right.

3.) Unfortunately, the $1,900 price tag on this beautiful piano kept me from taking it home.

4.) I'd like to build a house on this pretty little piece of land. New favorite hobbies include all things home-related: HGTV, looking at homes for sale, browsing Pinterest for kitchen designs, driving by lots for sale (preferably with a mountain view), and discussing home ideas with my husband on repeat.

5.) We found good Mexican eats to add to our list of neighborhood restaurants!

6.) Boone wants to do a boudoir photo shoot. My mommy heart practically shattered. They grow up so fast... ;)

7.) Yesterday was my first (great!) day at my new job, and it was my nephew's first day of "school!" 'Twas a big day for the family.

I'm out of the loop. What's new with you?


Unknown said...

glad to hear that you're finding a new routine! That can be so difficult (but so necessary) after a move. Also, I cannot believe you found that dish set for under $20! What a steal

Unknown said...

That cat. With that caption. I am cracking up right now. But it's so accurate! Have you seen the blog of pin-up cats? It's a side-by-side comparison of vintage pin-up girls next to cats in similar poses.

Unknown said...

chocolate pastries, mint china (yay, you bought them), and a cute baby? love this post! He is too too cute!!

Ellie said...

I hate to break it to you, but you may have missed your chance to get some legit German baked goods. They'd put those cream cheese thingies to shame...If all goes well, I'll be moving to England soon.

Skype date!!!

Nilda said...

Yea so, I'm going to make those for dessert! I pinned them from your blog forever ago...they sound perfect for tonight!

Unknown said...

YES to all of this!
Love love love those dishes!

Whitney H said...

oh my gosh Boone looks SO slutty. Keep him away from Susie!