Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Highlights From My Trip to San Diego

San Diego Highlights 01

Summer is an awesome mom.

San Diego Highlights 02

San Diego Highlights 03

San Diego Highlights 04

Best friends are the spice of life.

San Diego Highlights 05

The world needs more people like my parents who care for feral cats 
with the help of the Feral Cat Coalition.

San Diego Highlights 06

When Kate of The Small Things Blog fame
tells you to buy a dress (in all capital letters), you buy it.

San Diego Highlights 07

I am lucky to have been born into my family.

San Diego Highlights 08

My sister and BIL have officially been together for more than half of their lives! (Crazy!)

San Diego Highlights 09

My parents are the sweetest, most proud grandparents on the planet.

San Diego Highlights 10

Being born into this family means that every second of your life will be documented. Seriously.

San Diego Highlights 11

I loved capturing this moment. 
Baby napping, dog-brother sitting nearby, and dad strumming the guitar.

San Diego is a beautiful place, but it’s the people that make it “home” for me. 


Unknown said...

I know your family LOVED having you home!!!! And yes, I agree with Kate I am glad you bought that dress is looks KILLER on you!!!! Maybe you can wear it when you become the queen blogger of Knoxville!

Jasmine said...

These photos are beautiful! Congratulations Aunty :) p.s. i'm in love with that doggie! Send him my way please!!

Emily @ Emmy June said...

I would like an unofficial adoption into your family. Knowing your dad he will probably say yes to this, sight unseen.

Unknown said...

All of these pictures are awesome, but I love the one of everyone getting pictures/video of the little guy. So funny!

Also, that dress is beautiful, and you should definitely do an OOTD post when you wear it for realz.

Meg O. said...

Aww, what an awesome trip!! Glad you had such a great time!

Whitney said...

I totally missed that IG pic of that dress! It's gorgeous on you!