Friday, June 21, 2013

When Someone You Love Becomes a Mom

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When Someone You Love Becomes a Mom 02

When Someone You Love Becomes a Mom 03

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When I told Emily that my sister was pregnant last year, she recalled that seeing her own sister become a mom was one of the most beautiful things she had ever experienced. She was totally right. My sister has been my best friend since the beginning of time. Okay, that might be a lie. I am almost positive that there were years that I annoyed her, pissed her off, and was the human form of the black plague that she wanted to avoid at all costs. But the older we grew, the smaller the four-year gap seemed, and that left room for sisterhood to become friendship. That being said, I know Summer as just that: my sister, my friend. And now motherhood has added another dimension to who she is, and it’s really wonderful to observe.

I thought I’d have to be in “all hands on deck” mode during my visit, but you know what? She’s a champ at this mom thing. She was attentive to Baby Mac but always calm. She was constantly smiling and snapping photos. She was realistic about how the day was probably going to go. She was never too busy or too tired to hang out with Rocco (the pug) and me. She had been home with the baby for weeks, and she didn’t lose her shit. I’ve heard so many stories about new moms sobbing in private because they’re so tired or having a melt-down because mothering a child is so overwhelming. But my sister? She’s glowing. That’s it. She’s tired. The house is much quieter. She isn’t running ten miles on the weekend. Her former routine in life is gone. But she’s glowing! I’ve been at so many of her race finish lines, and she always crosses with a big smile on her face, hands waving in the air, and glistening (not sweaty and gross) skin. I think those races bring her joy and a deep sense of pride, and Baby Mac brings her those same feelings one-hundred fold. Motherhood looks so right on her.

When someone you love becomes a mom, you learn a new kind of love and admiration.

But seriously. HOT MOM right there.


Darby Hawley said...

This is so beautiful Lindsay! I hope she reads this post :-)

Unknown said...

She is so gorgeous!!! I hope I look half as good as her after I have a baby!! :)

moliver said...

Such a sweet post, Lindsay. Summer is a beautiful mother. I haven't seen her in person in years but I can imagine what a calm and poised mom she is. It looks like you had a wonderful visit together.

Unknown said...

Your sister is such a joy!! We miss her at Xtend Barre, but are so happy for her!!!

Emily @ Emmy June said...

Very beautifully written, my dear. Your sister will turn to mush when she reads this :)

Whitney said...

What a sweet post for your sister! That gives me hope that motherhood doesn't necessarily have to be this awfully scary and overwhelming thing. I'm hopeful that I can keep my shit together! haha.