Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Real Friends" vs. "Other Friends"?

SoCal Blate Trial By Sapphire
I caught up with some of my best friends (Here’s lookin’ at you, Annie, Erin, and SueEllen!) when I was in San Diego. Even though it had been 14-20 months since I had seen them, I always have that comfortable closeness to settle back into. Skip the chit chat! Straight to the good stuff! (And there was some good stuff!) It was like I still lived there, and we were catching up over dinner. I love that so much. I’m so lucky to have friends that know me, love me, laugh with me, laugh at me, and are down with sharing the crazy that is our lives.

On the flip side, I also had lunch with two people I had never met in person – two of my favorite bloggers, Emily (my blog BFF... who is back on the blogging train after a very long hiatus) and Devon (a fellow USD alumna with mutual friends, believe it or not)! Earlier in the trip, my dad and I were talking about my plans, and I differentiated between the plans as going out with my "real friends" and my "other friends." I felt like "blogger friends" didn't do the relationships justice (and let's be honest, the whole online thing is a bit "1999 creepy chat room" to non-bloggers), but I also hadn't been face-to-face with them before, so... "other friends" it was. 

 Well, when we were finally all in one place, it was exactly like being with real friends. Em and I have been in touch over phone and Skype since last year, so I knew she was awesome. What I love about Devon is that she is exactly who you think she'll be... but with a whole lot of feisty sass! We talked for hours about hilarious things that we don't share on our blogs (Stop outing us, Em!), our homes, future kids, possible upcoming life changes, southern California, the fact that only crazy people think snakes are beautiful, and of course, some blogger stuff. I would be remiss not to mention that Emily is a giant next to Devon and me and that she was sure to snuggle us in her bosom for good measure. Also, they're both really, really gorgeous.

It was hard to believe it was the first time the three of us hung out. It was so much fun! Just a lunch with friends.
Real friends!

  1. Devon, I loved seeing and listening to you outside of your blogger "shell," you wild one, you! Thanks for recommending the good eats.
  2. Em, thank you for driving down from Redondo Beach! You are the best blog BFF!
  3. Little blog, thanks for continuing to be such a great friend matchmaker.
  4. To Emily’s husband, J: I’m real! Your wife befriended an honest person through blogging! No Catfish action here!


Unknown said...

Imma let you finish, but I have the best blogger friend story of all time!

So... way back in the day, I had a livejournal. (Okay, still do). And when I was 16 or 17, I became livejournal friends with another teenager my age and my year in school. Then we both graduated high school at the same time and became facebook friends. Then we both graduated college at the same time. At this point, we'd been friends for 5+ years, but we'd never met in person. I moved to the suburbs of Paris after graduation. Flash forward to my LAST week in France. My friend and her roommate were traveling through Europe for several weeks, and they arrived in Paris two days before I left! So of course we met up, and the three of us talked for hours, and it was awesome.

But there's more.

I did a second year in France, then a summer interning in the Midwest (where I live now), and then I moved to the suburbs of Manhattan... Just three train stops away from the two women I'd met in Paris. In New York, we started a book club with another of their friends (who is now also my friend), and now we meet via Google Hangouts every six weeks or so to discuss our latest book. :)

Ari @ The Pace of it All said...

How fun! I think blogger friends, or even just internet friends, can be just as wonderful as "real" friends. In fact, I have a few online friends that I've known longer than some of the people I hang out with here... the few times we've been able to meet up, it's been a blast!

Emily @ Emmy June said...

Our meetup was my favorite thing ever!!! You girls were even more wonderful in real life than I'd imagined. We should have had the foresight to just go ahead and plan a slumber party :)

<3 you!!!!

Unknown said...

obviously you know how I feel about this one!!!! Glad you finally got to meet Em IRL!!!

Whitney H said...

I didn't know that you got to meet up with Emily! That's so exciting! I totally know what you mean about differentiating between friends vs. bloggers friends. Although now, I consider you a "real" friend! :)

Anna {} said...

VERY well articulated! I love this! Yes, 'other friends'. I think that means we fit into the both category?