Monday, June 3, 2013

It should be common knowledge by now that I love wearing glasses... a lot. At what number does someone become a collector of something? I'm beginning to think that I am a glasses collector. One pair just isn't enough. Neither are two or three. My near-sighted eyes now have six pairs of glasses to don. My latest pair is from considers vision a necessity, not a luxury. (I agree!) They provide top quality lenses and fashionable frames at great prices -- all with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They were kind enough to send me a pair of the Independence prescription glasses, and I am in love with the rhinestone flair. You can never go wrong with classic black, but these have that extra something special!

I am not an avid online shopper. I always worry that something won't fit or look right if I can't try it on first, but with's Try-On tool, it wasn't a problem. Before I entered my prescription information, I "tried on" my eyeglasses.

When I compare the Try-On tool image with the first photo in this post, it looks like a perfect match to me! Try it out for yourself.


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1 comment:

Whitney H said...

Six pairs of glasses?! Dang girl!! I only have one! haha. I definitely need to check this out.