Monday, May 20, 2013

Five of My Favorite Blogs

Reading blogs is like diving into an abyss. It starts innocently with pretty photos and funny stories. I click on links that bring me from post to post filled with things I am sure I cannot live without. Fashion on the cheap! Love stories! Green living tips! Birth stories! Travel adventures! Food! Pure ridiculousness! Suddenly, I realize that two hours of my life escaped unnoticed.

When I start to feel ashamed, I have to remind myself that we've all been there. Admit it. Well, if I'm going down, you're all going down with me, so... here are five of my favorite blogs (that you should read too).


PostSecret: I've been a die-hard PostSecret reader since 2006. It is interesting to see what people are willing to tell in the confines of an anonymous postcard. Every Sunday, Frank shares postcards that hit nearly every emotion. Back when Mr. TBS and I were long-distance and newly in love, we would scroll through PostSecret while talking on the phone. Aww, memories!

Chocolate-Covered Katie: You need to know about this healthy dessert blog. Yes, such a thing exists! My husband once told me, "You know I love you... but I really love Chocolate-Covered Katie right now!" Ditto, honey. Ditto.


Mara Wilson Writes Stuff: The loveable "Matilda" grew up, attended NYU, and became a damn good writer who shares stories about her child celebrity past and her New York playwright present. Life seems so much more fascinating and funny through the eyes of a playwright. Days or weeks may pass between posts, but I promise they are worth the wait.

Healthy Tipping Point: I have learned so much from Caitlin's blog! She has shared a lot of her life on the blog over the last five years: got married, completed triathlons, started Operation Beautiful, opened a holistic clinic with her husband, had a baby, and wrote a few books. This blog is a good balance of research and real life. Her posts are great, and sometimes, the comment section is even better.


The Kim Challenge: I've been hard-core stalking Kim since 2011. She's down-to-earth, ambitious, adventurous, and sassy. I want to move back to NYC to become her new BFF and play around the city together. Is that so much to ask? Also, I can't wait for her book release in July!

There you have it! Now go read them! 

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Caitlin Cavallaro said...

Totally forgot about postsecret! I used to read it every sunday! I looooved it!

Micaela said...

There was this blog I used to read that I LOVED and Kimberly Rae Miller was a regular contributor. The blog shut down about five years ago, and no joke I was just thinking z out Kim the other day and wondering how I could find more of her writing. Thanks for posting this!

Megan Strange said...

Officially hooked on Mara Wilson Writes Stuff now...there goes my Tuesday.

Lauren said...

I love PostSecret and for as long as I have been reading, there has never been a PostSecret event in Houston. I would love to attend one if it ever comes here!

Anonymous said...

just by glancing through Chocolate Covered Katie I can already tell I am going to be addicted... thanks for sharing!

Being Reese 2 said...

I love Chocolate Covered Katie. Great blog!

Michelle said...

I love PostSecret! Frank came to ECU when I was in school, and I got to see him. It was incredible. He had people stand up and share secrets and it was so awesome.

I had no idea Mara Wilson has a blog! I need to look into that. I've always loved her.

Betsy Transatlantically said...

wait, my mind is BLOWN by this Mara Wilson revelation! must go get hooked now :)