Monday, April 29, 2013

Season of Change

We've gotten really good at decompressing on the weekends. The mornings are for errands, and then we laze about the rest of the day. Movies and naps have become our specialties. Have you ever noticed that naps are more cozy on a couch than on a bed? I can't explain it. Throw in a mountain of pillows, a fleece blanket, a cuddly cat, and a rain storm, and you've got a perfect lazy Saturday. 

The house was completely still as the sky fell outside and the others were sleeping. I marveled at the fact that May starts this week. Where has the year gone? We're coming up on two years in Houston which is the time at which we anticipated our departure. Per usual, life has other plans! 

I feel like I'm in a season of change. My husband started a new job. My sister's baby is due within the next month. I have six weeks left of my first year of graduate school. I just renewed my vehicle registration for two years which makes staying in Houston very tangible. Those are all outward markers, but I feel like there's something inside me that is changing too. Turning a new leaf, as they say. We'll see what comes of it. I want to let it simply reveal new things rather than dissect it and possibly change its course. It feels good, so I'm going to keep truckin' along and let it unfold as it may.

How's that for some deep Monday thought? 

In other news,  I fell in love with a dress online only to find out it was a maternity dress. So there's that.


Jess said...

Couch naps = THE BEST. Agree 100%.

And I cant totally relate to the season of change...I feel the exact same way. I felt like I was in a transition stage earlier this year but now I feel like I've progressed to a stage of actual change...I don't hate it :)

Also...just noticed your "Because I Said So" sidebar...oh you sasssssssy ;)


Gesci said...

Both of our couches are hand-me-down couches from family friends of mine who happened to be remodeling just as Paul and I were setting up a house. They are both excellent quality and one of them is almost twenty years old with no sign of breaking down. At our friends' home it was known as the "sunroom couch" because of where it sat- the sunroom. It was also the best spot for napping, as the sunroom offered gentle sun streaming through shade trees on two walls of windows, had no distractions other than books, and that couch.
We took the couch during the remodel and it became a regular old living room couch. We took to calling it the "narco-couch", because chances were good that, if you sat on it, wide-awake or drowsy, you'd find yourself suddenly missing a couple of hours of your life, usually with a dog or cat next to you.
My mom reupholstered it for us in '07, including changing out the foam in the seat cushion and new pillows. We thought that might change it's magical property, but no.
Our first petsitter in England was once giving me a synopsis of how things were going and she said "I keep falling asleep on the couch, though!" I asked if it was the brown one, she confirmed, and I burst out laughing.
Yep. If anyone ever *can't* sleep, you know where to send them. We really should market this thing!

And your weekends sound perfect. And things like this make me momentarily jealous of just-cat families...

Gesci said...

Oh, ugh. "ITS magical property".

Stupid typos.

Whitney H said...

Our life is in something right now that feels like the opposite of what you're experiencing. We've decided to stay in our apartment for at least another 6 months, Nick still had a year left of school, and I'm in a stable job, about to start up my second season of shows. I didn't think that stability is what we'd have in Houston, but it's come to be home, which is so weird to me! Thanks for being my big sister :]

Betsy Transatlantically said...

some of my favorite jersey dresses are maternity dresses. SHH DON'T TELL. #noshame

Devon said...

I love your comment about the couch naps: very, very true. I'm excited for you and all your new adventures. Also, one year of grad school down? I hope you gave yourself the pat(s) on the back you deserve!

Unknown said...

Sometimes I creep a little too far to the Right in Target and end up in the Maternity section and practically spirt to the itty bitty bikini section just so people dont start glancing. ha

AH the season of change.... so many mixed emotions on that one. I love it but being in one for the last three years I am thankful my life is evening out a little, but excited for you and your new adventures Miss Aunt Lindsay!

love love... ps SEE YOU FRIDAY? Um didnt even know we had a ballet date. YES PLEASE.

Anonymous said...

BAHAHAHA! sometimes i find myself thinking of a maternity dress "why didn't they make one for non pregnant girls?", so don't worry :)

sounds like you have a lot of exciting weeks ahead of you...

love your blog facelift, btw!