Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cue Spontaneous Blog Facelift

Evidently, my desire to simplify spilled over from real life to blog life. I felt the urge to change up the blog yesterday, and I didn't even think twice about it. I just did it, and it feels so good. This probably comes as no surprise to my parents who witnessed my bedroom furniture shift every 3-6 months growing up. (At one point, I completed ditched my bed and put my mattress on the floor.)

From this:

to this:

I don't have Photoshop or a library of fonts, but did me proud yesterday. (I can just imagine the blog designers of the world cringing!)

I'm not saying I won't have facelift remorse or mourn my last design (by the wonderful Ready to Blog Designs). It is very possible. Likely, even. Last night, my husband said he really liked my last design, but I threw caution to the wind, and just did it. Sometimes, you just have to.

So, that's all. Welcome to my new home! You may carry on with your Thursday now, because I know this isn't as exciting for you as it is for me. BUT I AM REALLY EXCITED.

My Fairy Blogmother sex-ified my sidebar and did some CSS magic, so now I need to officially thank PicMonkey and Bobbi!


Bree said...

I think its adorable! And I'm pretty impressed that you did this with picmonkey! :D

Penniless Socialite said...

You did that just with picmonkey?! I am impressed. I think it looks nice and clean and fresh.
Penniless Socialite
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Unknown said...

i love it! i'm all about changing things up...clearly ;)

Betsy Transatlantically said...

holy crap you just DID it? woo!

Setarra said...

Love it. I would've never known that you made all the changes with Pic Monkey if you hadn't said anything. Great job!

Darby Hawley said...

I love it!!! Looks great! I was thinking about you on the way to work this morning! I hope things are going well with school! I sure do miss you!

Jenn said...

It super cute and totally you. I just love that picture up there - adorable. I, too, use picmonkey or pixlr to do my blog design. I have been getting the itch to change mine up as well.

Gesci said...

I totally took a picture of a white piece of paper once and used it as the "image" for all of my text graphics on my earlier blog incarnation. I get it. I really love the double blue in "Sapphire".
The new look is fantastic... blah blah blah ;)

Unknown said...

I lover itttttt!

Unknown said...

Oh and I am super impressed at you super awesome designer skilllls

Jess said...

I'm all about it.

Bre said...

I approve. Pretty and streamlined. But not blank. :)