Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bonds. Fully Matured Bonds.

Money is a stressful topic, don't you think? I miss the childhood days of playing Monopoly when I had stacks of bills fanned out in my hands, and I've always been jealous of Scrooge McDuck. The thing is it seems nearly impossible to afford life and go to school, even with a full-time income. I know I'm not the only person who feels this way. Life is expensive! To our relief, we've paid for my first year of grad school without taking out a loan, so it's been interest-free so far. We do our best to live inside our means with no debt. I am grateful for what we have. We can live a comfortable life, buy healthy food, have two cats, and dine out.

But that doesn't mean I still don't look at our bills and think, "Damn, how are we so expensive?!" (Anyone else?)

Recently, my dad mentioned that he invested in bonds for me when I was a baby, and as my luck would have it, they have fully matured. Perfect timing! I remember seeing those bonds in my parents' office when I was a kid. It  looked like play money with my name printed on it. The excitement was fleeting, because my mom explained that I couldn't have it until I was much older, and I had forgotten about it until now. They are worth a great deal more than those numbers in the top left corner now, and just as my dad had hoped, it's all going toward my education.

Moral #1: My parents are awesome. (This is such a great "gift"! Thank you, Dad and Mom!)
Moral #2: Receiving bonds is very exciting for an adult.


bobbi said...

Yay! You definitely deserve any good thing that comes your way, obviously, but this is such a thoughtful thing that they did for you, and you're right! Perfect timing!

Love you, you little smarty-pants! <3

Jess said...

Woooo! That's awesome - I bet it's such a weight off your shoulders! Here's to debt-free education.

I'll be texting you later today with some fabulous (and fit ;)) newssss :)


Meg O. said...

Seriously.... why is life so darn expensive?!?!!?!?

Also.... that is AMAZING you got those bonds! Wanna share??? haha

Gesci said...

Paul has a fair-sized stack of bonds, too. Unfortunately his parents cashed in some of them for his undergrad, so although we've got a fair sized stack left they won't be fully mature for a while longer (his were purchased one every six months when he was a kid). They really are a comforting financial security blanket, though, as we know we have them, we know we could use them (they're already worth more than face value) if we needed to, and it's kind of fun to have them!
I'm glad you're able to put yours to such an appropriate use- that means you can use your job-money for a celebration once school is over!!

Empirically Erin said...

Hahaha first of all, your title cracked me up! I had a bunch of saving bonds from my grandparents and we used them when we bought our house for part of the downpayment. It was so nice!

Kristen Victoria said...

Very cool! My grandpa set up bonds for me and my sisters. Mine never fully matured, but they all went to my wedding... poop. I would have hung onto them for my education for sure!

Whitney said...

That's so exciting! We sit down and do our money every week and can't help but to be like, WHYYY are we so expensive??