Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Letter to the Earth

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Dear Earth,

I am sorry I missed your day. In my defense, it wasn't your birthday; it was just Earth Day. You should be happy you even get a day that is all about you, but that is beside the point. I am here now to express my love to you. (Thanks for the reminder, Devon!)

You are beautiful and fun and lively and precious and strong. Thank you for the warmth of your rays, the freshness of your showers, the adventure of your oceans, the lightness of your sky, and the challenge of your mountains. Quite literally, you make life possible, and I thank you for that. I vow to do my part to protect and enjoy you. (Did I just get intimate with Earth?)

I poked around the internet and found that many others share my love for you. Take a look:

+ Ways to naturally freshen up your home

+ Replace toxic cleaning chemicals with vinegar

+ Natural cleaning recipes

+ Homemade eye make-up remover (I simply use evoo or baby oil, but I should replace Kleenex with reusable pads like these.)

+ 8 ways vegetarianism helps the planet (although I always encourage people to review all sides and make a personal, educated decision)

+ I love browsing the Ethical Ocean shop! (This is also where I bought our soap nuts. One bag has lasted a little over a year and a half!)

Earth, you are so loved! Cheers to your special day!

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