Wednesday, February 6, 2013

One-Hundred Dreams, Part III

This photo has nothing to do with the list, but it makes me smile. 
It was taken two years ago when my family celebrated my dad's birthday 
with lunch and a few games of bowling. My mom, sister, and I 
were laughing hysterically about something right before this picture. 
I miss them, but I'll see them when I meet my nephew in a few months!

Anyway, I'm continuing with my List of 100 Dreams!

41. Build a snowman as tall as me.
42. Make homemade candles.
43. Make a doll. (Inspired by This Little Port)
44. Go paragliding. (Husband is in too!)
45. Sing with Sara Bareilles.
46. Be a certified ASL interpreter.
47. Compete on The Amazing Race. (I'm serious about this!)
48. Do an entire weekend (Friday night to Monday morning) without internet (laptop and mobile).
49. Be a CASA for another kid or teenager.
50. Do 60 push-ups in 60 seconds.
51. Own a Mac. (Husband has one, and I'm the loser with a PC.)
52. Do a singing telegram.
53. Live on a lake. Or in snow. Both, actually.
54. Work abroad.
55. Buy a baby grand piano.
56. Sing on a Broadway stage.
57. Have a chicken coop.
58. Surf on a wave machine. (Is that what it's called, Devon?)
59. Learn how to drive a stick shift just in case I need to know how for #47. :)
60. Be a millionaire. (Who doesn't dream of this?)

See the rest of the list here:


Jess said...

I want to learn how to drive stick! Kathleen & I talked about that when we met yesterday, because she drives stick.

Annnnd #1 would be easy for me ;)


Setarra said...

I'm with you on #51. My Toshiba laptop is slowly going out of commission. Definitely eyeing a MacBook for it's replacement.

Courtney said...

Owning a Mac has changed my life! Okay...maybe that's a little dramatic but they are seriously awesome! =)

Unknown said...

I love it! I am with you on so many of these, and singing with Sara Bareilles? Yes please! I'll be in the front row for that one ;) xoxo

All My Happy Endings said...

How cute - I'm enjoying your list! I'm 34 and I don't know how to drive stick. Maybe I should add this to my bucket list?! Have a beautiful day!

cynthia said...

Amazing Race is one of my very favorite shows! I would love to see you on it. :) Great list!

Devon said...

Drive stick! Good call! Oh, and as for #58, yeah, wave machine/standing wave/flow boarding that's what I'd call it. I've never even tried it either. Guess it better go on my list too.

Michelle said...

Baby grand!! YES!!! I want one so bad.

A weekend without internet would be glorious. On the other hand, I must implore you to get a Mac. They are glorious :)

Gesci said...

My mom made candles when I was little. She had this huge black cauldron to heat the wax, and we made them every fall to be teacher's gifts... so once I asked my mom if she was a witch.

And I'll teach you to drive a stick- it'd be useful for that whole moving abroad thing, as well!

Whitney said...

I want to go on the Amazing Race SO bad! I kind of know someone who was on it back in like 2005. Sing with Sara Bareilles? That would be amazing!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

Wouldn't being a contestant on the Amazing Race be one of the most insane ways to travel the world? But if you have the potential to win a million dollars then it might definitely be worth it!