Monday, February 4, 2013

I'll Have You Know I Did Not Burn Down the House This Weekend.

How's that for a dramatic title? Alas, 'tis true. I cooked three times this weekend, and the kitchen was left unharmed and spotless. I'll openly admit that this sweet man I call a husband does all the cooking. (Well, I take that back. I can make a hearty vegetable soup.) He has been sick this weekend and getting a major ab work-out from coughing, so to avoid a lung in our cuisine, I tried to help out in the cooking department. One batch of dairy-free mac 'n' cheese, six black bean burger patties, and one week's worth of lunches later, I proudly type this free of cuts, burns, and cooking anxiety.

In other Good Wifely news, I also spent an hour scrubbing the shower. "You'll stay up 'til this place shines like the top of the Chrysler Building!" (Ten points if you can name that movie/musical.) Basically, I'm just tooting my own horn, because I need the pick-me-up after swimming in Business Law and Organizational Behavior theories.

I'm sorry blogging fell by the wayside last week. Can we talk about how time-consuming work and grad school are? (Nope. Not enough time! <-- Ha.) I knew school would take up a majority of my formerly free time, but I will make a concerted effort to better use the free time I still have. I've spent many a night on the couch watching Seinfeld reruns and DVR'ed shows as my consolation for working hard, but as nice as it's been, it is doing me no favors when it comes to my Gain list, unless I can gain eyeball muscles from watching TV. (That sounds both disgusting and ridiculous.) Hopefully, my weekend cooking extravaganza catapults me into a phase of productivity with my free time. I make no promises, but I'm hoping. ;)

In the hopes of starting your week off strong, I encourage you to toot your own horn about something awesome you did recently. Go ahead! I'm requesting you do it, so you don't have to feel arrogant.  

Leave your toots in the comments -- meaning your awesomeness, not toots from the place Boone dispenses ribbon!


Darby Hawley said...


You are a great wife- even if you do burn the kitchen down one day ;-)

Those burgers look great girl!

Amber said...


Amy G said...

Good job cooking and cleaning! What a good wifey you are :) Oh and that is definitely from Annie...goodness I love that musical. Now I wanna watch it! Happy Monday lovely!

RadiantKristen said...

Congratulations on all of the cooking and cleaning over the weekend! It's always nice to get that stuff out of the way.

Ammon and I aren't eating out for 45 days to save on money... we're over 2 weeks in and still haven't broken down! For me, that's a huge success, because it means I have come home from work and cooked dinner every night.

Unknown said...

A. This all looks incredibly scrumptious
C. Miss you! Glad you didnt burn into oblivion :)

Unknown said...

haha- that title is hilarious!
thanks so much for following, i hope you entered the giveaway. im following back :)

Allie @ Between Dreams said...

WOW! All I can say is... I'm impressed!

I think Sebastian would propose all over again if I did all that...

... not gonna happen though :)

Bev said...

You are one amazing wifey taking care of your sick hubs like that!! My hubby is the MAIN cook too, but I love to cook especially on the weekdays since he comes home late from work!

And OMG... I am proud of your long scrubbing session you had in the tub!! I scrub for about 15 min then my arm loses feeling LOL.

Toot my own horn....hmmmm WELP!! I DID master the cleaning of my craft box while watching the Superbowl AND washing endless dishes since we cooked up a storm! Very productive wife I was last night!

Caitlin said...

Ahh the MBA life, it is hard to juggle and manage your time. You're doing a good job and we understand if you need to take little blogging breaks!
ANNIE!!! Yayyy Miss Hannigan ;)

Michelle said...

Annie!! LOVE IT!

1. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! Those all sound like amazing meals! By the way, have I told you I've gone vegetarian? I have, and I love it!

2. The last sentence made me snort. Hilarious.

3. I'd like to toot my own horn for getting my current job. I'm still so excited!

Whitney said...

Bahahahah I absolutely loved the last thing you said about Boone! I totally LOLed :)

I know you're busy being a good wife and scholar, but I totally miss you :(

that quote is from Annie!

Gesci said...

{rewind to this morning as I was sandwiched between Sloan and Mia in the bed, unable to access anything but my phone] ANNIE! It's ANNIE!

Also, yay for a super productive weekend! And I say toot away, especially for the shower scrubbing- it never looks as dirty as it feels once you start scrubbing, right?!?! I hate cleaning bathrooms.
But yay for having delicious food ready-made, and I hope Mr. TBS is feeling better :(

Courtney said...


Hope your hubby is feeling better!