Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dad in Training

Mr. TBS had two dogs when he was a kid, but he didn't have to do much to take care of them, and I don't think they were in the family for very long, unfortunately. It wasn't until we adopted Tolly (cute video of him HERE) in 2008 that he felt like he had his first pet. We're in our fifth year of being pet parents, and to us, they are our kids.

Now, don't get your panties in a bunch, everyone. (I hate the word "panties," but the line just isn't as effective if I say "undies," you know?) This post is not about comparing animals to children, and I am not devaluing anyone's experience as a parent. To us, they are our kids, and they provide the parenting experience that we know so far. As everyone else says, I know we will feel unquantifiably different when we have a child.

All that aside, can I please tell you why my husband is the cutest dad in training?

He diligently researches holistic cat health.
"We value our health. Why wouldn't we do the same for them?"

He does not hesitate to buy organic, raw food for them.
"We're not going to feed them the McDonald's of cat food."

He nurtures them.
I learned as a CASA that the brains of children who are neglected are 
30% underdeveloped compared to those of children who are not. (See a CT scan HERE)

He purposely varies their food options.
"I wouldn't want to eat the same thing every day."

He will never let us miss or delay a vet appointment.
"It's important!"

He loves them.
It is the most precious thing on the planet to watch.

He is conscious of how stimulating their environment is.
He carries them outside or let's them play in the grass when they lead him to the door.

She can be held like that for hours. OK, minutes. For a cat, that's a long time!

He may continue to tell me that he won't know how to handle dirty diapers, spit up, and boogers when we have a kid, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he is going to be wrapped around that kid's finger and won't think twice about tending to him/her.

Essentially, men who love animals are sexy, and although my husband may not know it yet, our future kid is going to make a huge sucker out of him!

In other news, a Monsters, Inc., prequel is coming out this summer! Maybe I'll get another Halloween costume idea. ;) Who else is pumped to watch college-aged Wazowski and Sulley?!


Mo (New on U) said...

I love this! I think my husband is the best dad to our puppies ever - their interactions just melt my heart. I know everyone says we'll feel so different once we have kids, but I agree that for now, these are our babies and should be treated as such :)

Gesci said...

Ugh, how disgusting, comparing cats to kids! (hee hee)

Actually, I'm happy to compare our pets to friends' kids, because, let's face it: most conversations revolve around poo, vomit, disobedience, the sacrifices we all make for their well-being, etc. Paul never truly had pets growing up either, and when we'd only been dating a couple of months and my cat (and soon my sister's cat) came to live with me at college he told me he "hated cats". I told him that's fine, he can feel that way, but I'd had them longer, so it was up to him whether he wanted to be in the picture or not. They weren't going anywhere. Now he's just as big a sucker as me!
And sure, I realize that most people's relationships with their animals change when they have human kids, but if someone completely disregards the pet, or gets rid of it (especially without trying every avenue of working out issues first) I lose all respect for that human. Maybe it's a failing on my part, but I view our commitment to our pets as just as important and equal as our commitments to other humans- so people who relegate pets to third-class "possessions" just because they had a baby just aren't my kind of people.
(I know you and Mr. TBS won't be like that- which is why I confidently say you ARE my kind of people!)

And Amelie is sooooooo pretty! I'm quite partial to greys, though- my old cat Bonnie was a grey and white!

Bev said...

HEY! I'm not ashamed to admit to that either... my pups are OUR KIDS!!! They sleep with us, watch TV with us, and just BE with us!! I love how Mr. TBS embraces the organic cat food and health regimens with your fur baby!! SO Adorbs!!

Can't wait to hear about stories of your kiddos when you have em ;)

Lauren said...

I've noticed the same thing about my husband! If we ever have children, I will be the one making and remembering all of the appointments, and he will be the one that remembers all of the treats and things we bribe them with to get things done. It's a whole new side of them, in my opinion!

Jenn said...

Monsters Prequel??? Yay! Now I have that and Despicable Me 2 to look forward to!

Oh and men how love animals ARE sexy, you are right!!

Whitney Cypert said...

This is so sweet! And your cat is so cute! My hubby is pretty loving to our two cats too, which I love. And you are right, they are like your babies!


Devon said...

I'm not a big cat person, I think I told you that once before, but this is the cutest thing in the world. What a guy. I'm sure he will be the best real dad too.