Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Charming Gardeners (and a Song)

"Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; 
they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."
-- Marcel Proust

No matter how independent or introverted a person is, I still think life is so much better with good friends. There are great people in the world, and it's nice to meet them, but when you click with someone, it's amazing. I've met so many of these gems, and whether they live next-door or halfway around the globe, they are... priceless. 

Hard times are easier. Good times are magnified. Love is infinitely multiplied. Laughs are boundless. I also feel challenged -- challenged to be better. I always want to be worthy of those friendships. I will probably never be... 

as fun as Leah, 
as grounded as Kay, 
as creative as Annie, 
as encouraging as Caitlin, 
as cheerful as SueEllen,
as uplifting as Cory,
as kind-hearted as Micaela,
as supportive as Dixie,
as thoughtful as Erin,
or as giving as Summer,

... but if I try, I'll be a better friend all-around. Sometimes friendships are forever, and sometimes they are for now. Either way, let's just aim to be charming gardeners, yes? Yes!

I found this last week when going through old music files. My sister and I recorded "For Good" from Wicked (the ultimate girlfriend friendship music theatre ballad) over four years ago. We made the mistake of trying to sing it at our grandpa's funeral and shed more tears than lyrics. Mom's birthday was a month later, so we recorded it for her for her birthday. It's so far from perfect, but for recording it in one full take and considering the emotional circumstances, it's more representative of that time, I think. 

"And we are led,
To those who help us most to grow,
If we let them,
And we help them in return..."


Betsy Transatlantically said...

oh man this is gorgeous! would you please come sing to me all the time? what a LOVELY thing to do with your sister for your family :)

Marie @ Life is a Highway said...

Your mama is tearing up. I'm so chokekd up right now. Just beautiful, Linz and Summer.

Jenn said...

Beautiful. I'm not gonna lie, I hit play and then started reading... Then I started crying. You are amazing!

Bev said...

LOVE your unique shout outs to your frannnds!! Very thoughtful lovie!

And I played your song... you and your sister sound SUPERB!! Never heard that song before, (shamefully never watched Wicked), but those are some powerful lyrics! ... "Because I knew you... I have been changed for good"... GREAT dedication! Your voices are super similar... is it because your SISTERS?!? lol

xo, Bev

Adrienne @ The Art of Being Black and White said...

Wow! I LOVE the characteristics that you listed of your friends. What an amazing thing to do! First time on your blog and I love it!


Oh hello, Love said...

I love finding out about this singing talent you've got! It's so funny with blogging that a blogger can have all these other little talents or even little personality quirks that we don't often see because blogging is so limited. Thanks so much for sharing the song! Any chance of more songs in the future??

Empirically Erin said...

You both totally have Broadway voices!! So good!!

Jay said...

You both sound wonderful!

Lovely gift to give your Mom and a beautiful testament to friendship.

Ellie said...

Aww! You are so sweet! I hope that I can continue to be as supportive as you see me. I've never thought of that as an adjective to describe me, so thanks!

And it was awesome to hear your voice! It's been since 2006 since I've had that privilege, and I miss it. I had never heard your sister's voice, and it's just as beautiful as yours. And, of course, when I played that track, Kayiloo had to come over and cuddle because there were strange voices (especially one that she recognized) coming from the electronic box :)

Unknown said...

ummmmm, where is my original comment?! Have my fears been confirmed, do you infact have more than one uplifting friend named cory?