Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Happy List

Sometimes, days don't go as planned, like yesterday. I had a raging headache by 2:00 p.m., was falling asleep on the couch by 7:30 p.m., and then our power went out. This Happy List post was supposed to go up last night, but now it seems more appropriate this morning. :)

* * * * * * * * * *

Butterfly garland from one of my best friends for Valentine's Day. :)

If only weekends could be longer! I would much rather work four ten-hour days and have three-days weekends. Can I get an "Amen"? I was in total student beast mode last week, so when Friday night rolled around, almost all of my work for the week was done. You might as well have told me I won one bajillion dollars. (How many zeros are in one bajillion?)

I enjoyed a weekend without a care for the past or the future. I did whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I stayed up late. I slept in. I veg'ed out on the couch. We checked out a pizza joint for lunch. I watched Poltergeist for the first time. I let my hair fly its freak flag. After  a year and a half, I finally transferred music to my not-so-new-anymore laptop and laughed at some of my severely misled music choices of yesteryear that I still love anyway.

It's Monday which means I'm going back into student beast mode through Thursday. But hey. There's plenty that makes me happy right now:
  1. Clean laundry.
  2. A text from one of my best friends with a photo of one of our first "friend date" spots in NYC on her bike ride through the city.
  3. Hot chocolate. 
  4. Finding myself on this really great list of blogs in On Blogging: What I Read at Something Charming. I love that she acknowledged the blogging community in addition to individual blog pieces like design, photos, and content.
  5. Incubus' Make Yourself and Morning View albums. High school obsession.
  6. Kettle Chips, particularly Sea Salt and Sea Salt & Vinegar.
  7. The Oscar results! I loved Django UnchainedLincolnSilver Linings Playbook, and Argo! I still need to see Les Miserables. The mixed reviews deterred me, but I'll watch it when it makes it to DVD or TV. I heard Anne Hathaway was quite fabulous in it, and now she has the Oscar to prove it.
  8. My dad and I say "Woot woot!" to each other all the time now. We're so hip.
  9. The spinach and artichoke dip at Goose's Acre.
  10. Kisses on the forehead. They never get old. (Are you reading this, dear husband?) I feel like I need to make a meme with my husband's photo that says: "Marriage. You're doing it right."

Cheers to a happy week!


Unknown said...

I'm glad things are now a great deal better Lindsay! Clean laundry (that has been hung up,) and kettle chips are definitely high on my happy list too xo

Kristen Victoria said...

Being a working student is hard work, girl! I hear ya! I was also extremely pleased with the Oscar results - you haveeee to see Les Mis!!! I cried and cried and want to get the soundtrack. Anne Hathaway belted that song like a boss.

Allie @ Between Dreams said...

"5.Incubus' Make Yourself and Morning View albums. High school obsession."

So happy this made the list :) Awwww-yeeeaaa.

Unknown said...

Kettle Chips are my life. OK not really but if I didnt have a life they would be my life.
I have not been to Goose's Acre since I had the worst service of my LIFE there a little over a year ago. Reese says I am over reacting. Possibly, but whatever.
annnnnnd I would now like hot chocolate, kettle chips and spinach and artichoke dip.

The End

Empirically Erin said...

I was wondering about you and how things were going. Glad to hear you had a fun, relaxing weekend. I'm with you though, a 4 day work week really needs to happen.

Empirically Erin said...

I was wondering about you and how things were going. Glad to hear you had a fun, relaxing weekend. I'm with you though, a 4 day work week really needs to happen.

Jess said...

#8 pretty much makes my life.
You're a rockstar student you know.

Love you to pieces!

Gesci said...

I'm glad you got a free weekend- I bet that was the GREATEST thing for you right now.
I haven't seen any of the Oscar movies... but I do want to see Silver Linings Playbook (and read the book) and Lincoln. Probably Argo, too.

and #10- yes. Although sometimes I think Paul uses it to his advantage... *scowl face*

Michelle said...

"I let my hair fly its freak flag" that cracked me up! I don't even consider doing my hair on the weekend.

I loved Incubus in high school! :)

I'm so glad you had a free weekend. There's nothing like 2 days with no plans :)

Sheila@TheFailteHouse said...

I agree - 10 hour days and more days off should be the ticket to a great life ;) And it is precious you and your dad say "woot woot" - three cheers for being hip :)

Jasmine said...


I love 'woot woot'. And clean laundry. And Argo and Lincoln, so I was pretty happy with the Oscars also. I'm so much more in love with Daniel Day Lewis and Ben Affleck after their speeches.

Chin up lovely lady! You're doing a fantastic job with everything! :-)

Whitney said...

I'm super late, but still commenting, of course!

I still love Incubus. Remember when I tried to get you to go in Sept. to see them at The Pavilion? I had no idea you liked them so much! Next time...

Can we PLEASE have a movie night and watch Les Mis together? I think I could even convince hubs to do a double date if you and Mr. TBS are up for it!