Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quote Boards

Did you keep quote boards in high school and college?  Not inspirational tidbits, but boards full of inside jokes and silly things your friends said.  Friends of mine had whiteboards, butcher paper-wrapped tables, and chalkboards.  Some of them wrote directly onto a wall in their rented house (which was promptly painted over upon moving out).  I laugh when I think about all the wildly inappropriate things we wrote down, because we thought we were so grown up and witty.  Today, I'm making this blog my quote board of recent social media happenings.


Cory and I lived together in Los Angeles many moons ago.  One day while I was out with our other roommate, I got a text message about a random act in the hallway.  Ian and I couldn't wait to find out what this random act was when we got home.  (Naked person?  Clown show?  It was LA, after all.)  We found out that she meant "cat."  Someone's cat was roaming the halls.  It was not nearly as exciting as we had hoped.

Also, Cory's Facebook status updates would make the best blog in the entire universe.

Right on the money.  Does anyone else's parents keeps tabs on them via blog?

This is the most anticlimactic moving announcement ever, right?.  It doesn't even have an exclamation point, but I immediately started receiving responses of "Oooh, what's up there?" and "That'll be a change" and "Have a fun new adventure!"  It's really awkward when you have to set the record straight and explain that it was just a forward-thinking, wishful comment.  I'm not moving, guys.  And when I do, I'll show a little more enthusiasm.  Come on.  Homegirl can do better than that!

(Other than the egregious grammatical errors...) THIS IS EVERYTHING.

You heard it here first.  My new niece or nephew shall be called Mac or Millie.  
(The names are derived from my sister and BIL's last name.)
The parents do not have a say in the matter.  

Moral of the story: If I love you, I reserve the right to name your child.  
As evidenced above, I'm really good at choosing baby names.

Did you and your friends keep quote boards back in the day?


Courtney said...

My college roommates & I had a chalkboard wall decal that we would write quotes on - it was so funny to sit around & read them after the fact!

Katie said...

we definitely did in high school! and then when I worked at a camp in the summer we had a quote book too. I want to find them!

Fel said...

haha i love this! my friends and i just kept all the notes we wrote to each other that were full of inside jokes and other really horrible things, ha. miss reading your blog, girl! just thought of you and wanted to say hi. xx fel

Unknown said...

At least your niece/nephews nick name isnt a stringed instrument :)

miss you! Hope the universe stopped messin with ya!

Whitney said...

Please. Name my future child. I'm so awful at names!! haha. I'd be honored.

Hope you're feeling better and that the universe has stopped picking on you! I'm always here if you need to talk or vent!