Monday, January 21, 2013

Getaway: Leavenworth, Washington

It all started with a top ten list on two years ago -- possibly top ten small towns or top ten B&Bs.  I can't remember the subject matter, but I do remember falling in love with a Bavarian themed town called Leavenworth in the state of Washington.  Mr. TBS and I have talked about it ever since.  It was love at first... Yahoo article.

After some resourceful planning and necessary purchases (Remember those new boots and jacket?), we were on our way.  Since all of our past out-of-state trips together were for specific reasons like a wedding or apartment hunting and we didn't have a honeymoon, this was our first Just Because trip!  I made a conscious effort to soak up our time, so I ditched social media and blogging for five days.  I even neglected the camera a lot of the time.  It was worth it to come home with few photos but with a deeper enjoyment of our trip.

Our favorite part was dinner at King Ludwig's -- authentic German cuisine and live accordion music.  We thought it necessary to text a photo of Mr. TBS drinking beer to my parents.  His drinking days ended long before we started dating, so none of us had ever seen him drink.  He always said that he would throw back some beer when we traveled to Germany, and while we weren't abroad, the grub and libations at King Ludwig's did the trick!

I love Leavenworth!  It's a small town only 20 minutes from all major stores and just a 2.5-hour drive or train ride to Seattle.  The mountains are breathtaking.  The food is delicious.  (I may have gained 5 lbs. within 48 hours.)  Also, I couldn't resist making a snow angel in the middle of our walk on Black Bird Island.  I hadn't seen snow since 2007!

We've decided that we shall live in Leavenworth one day.


Leah said...

this town is on my list to visit when i'm in washington nexxt. i literally found out about it from a brochure on the ferry from Forks to Seattle, but was heading back to austin the next day! i was so bummed! next time for sure, it looks like such a quaint, picturesque town!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Absolutely LOVE the picture of you doing "aerobics" with the snow man :) I've gotta get my FL butt to see some snow!

The last picture is gorgeous! And so is the one above the snowman picture. I would LOVE to visit a place like looks like the setting of a novel. LOVE.

And I'm SO proud of you for neglecting social media for 5 days...that's a big deal (well it would be for me anyway).

Glad you two love birds enjoyed your first Just Because's to many more!

Love you!

Allie @ Between Dreams said...

I officially need to go for a little getaway. Love these photos! (You + The Snowman... the best:)

Also, I didn't realize how TALL Mr. TBS was. (Or, maybe how short you are...hehe)

Michelle said...

We have family friends who live there, and I've heard so many good things about it but I've never been! Looks like you had an AWESOME time!! Mmm, I miss the mountains :)

morgan at said...

so beautiful! washington as a whole is such a beautiful state, and every now and then i dream about living there. looks like you all had a wonderful trip! :)

Darby Hawley said...

Well from the pictures alone I can see why you would fall in love with this area! So gorgeous! I'm so glad that you got to retreat from reality "jut because" with your hubby! What a great trip!

Bev said...

Fantastic looking adventure for you and your hubs!!! You guys hit some milestones in this lovely cute lil' town!! Beer drinking for hubs... snow for you since years ago... a yoga snowman... and a trip just cause!! AMAZING I tell ya!!

I'm also super glad you took those days to social media fast! I bet hubs appreciated that even more!! BUT on another note, so glad you're back... safe and sound ;)

Happy Monday love! xo, Bev

Whitney H said...

If and when you move there, we're moving to Seattle. Period. I've already decided I want to live there, so having you in the area would just be perfect! This looks like such a fun trip!

Meg Cady said...

Oh! This is just perfect!!!
I love love love the little town!
I am so glad yall got to have such a great time!!!


Courtney said...

This looks like a beautiful & relaxing trip! So glad you had fun =)

Katie Lee said...

That look so fun. Little getaways are the best!

Devon said...

This getaway looks and sounds incredible! I think it's awesome you left blogging and social media behind for the week...a true vacation. The few pics you did take are gorgeous! I love the snowy footprints one with the sun.

Gesci said...

It looks so lovely, and so very wintery- which I'm quite jealous of in this weirdly warm NC winter!
What a great trip! While I would be hard-pressed to ever return to the West, Seattle is pretty much the only contender for me- so who knows; we could be neighbors (ish)!!

Annelise @ Aunie Sauce said...

Wait... is it up by the bridge to Whidbey Island??

Kayla C said...

What a cool place! Your pictures are just so cute too, it looks like you two had a great trip!

The Accidental Bavarian said...

Leavenworth is our favorite place to go. We like it so much we put together a website for other tourists of the things we like to do, events going on in town, our reviews, a blog, and lists of all the businesses in town with pictures and descriptions.

If you get to Leavenworth again, stop by to see what is happening.

Talia Jacole said...

I was just there LAST WEEKEND! It was my first time visiting and I fell in love with the city's Bavarian charm the second I drove into town. One of my best friends was engaged there last winter and the city just oozes romance. I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself!

BTW - Your blog is adorable! I'll definitely be checking back in soon!

♥ Talia