Friday, December 7, 2012

Who Doesn't Love an Update with a Funny Video?

(Can you tell I couldn't think of a title for this post?)

Oh, weekend.  How I heart thee.  Here's to hoping 5:00 p.m. shows up quickly today.  We have two important meetings, so that will make the time fly, I'm sure.  We're going to the local German Christmas Fest this weekend, and guess what?  I finish my first term of grad school this weekend.  Heyooo!  It's going to be a good weekend.  I just know it.

Highlights this week:

1.) I just can't get enough of these two.

2.) I called Grandma Cristina on Wednesday to wish her a Happy Birthday, and a lot of my relatives happened to be at her house.  They all dropped by separately but at the same time.  I think it's safe to say she felt loved.  I'll see them again when we Skype  on Christmas Eve!

3.) I caught up with Kerry and her daughter, Aili.  (How awesome is that name?)  They are so fun to chat with.  I hadn't seen Aili since I held her as a baby!

4.) I already dished on how much fun I had at the blogger holiday party last weekend, but the Smile Booth photos weren't available yet.  Here are my favorites:

With Julianne from Francesca's Collection, Rebekah from Fashion and a Fellow, and Haley from Style Sound

With Meg from O. is Me, Michelle from Texas Tanners, Cait from A Day in the Life,
Whitney from The Observant Turtle, and Selena from The Heights Life

5.) Do you love Instagram?  You'll love this video.  Do you hate Instagram?  You'll love this video too.  You must watch it!  It's hilarious and very true.

Happy weekend!  Enjoy it!

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Unknown said...

A. I still hate I couldnt go the partay :( humph

B. Everytime I watch the instagram video I just die laughing and keep thinking of how guilty I am of ALL OF THAT!

C. We have to get together!!! Linds, Whit, Meg Lunch?? dinner?? somethinnnnnngggg!!!

Allie @ Between Dreams said...

Your first term already?! I remember when you announced you got accepted! How times flies!!

Congrats :)

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy the Christmas Fest tonight! Congrats on being done with your first grad school semester. I cannot wait til my semester is done but a project and huge paper currently stand in my way. Um, obsessed with that jacket on Haley. Those Smile Booth pics are adorable! Now I'm off to go stalk Haley's blog..

Steph And Laura said...

LOL I love your photo booth pics! :) Thanks for the smile :)

Bev said...

LOVIN' the action holiday photo!! You gals look cute as ever!!

So happy to see Mr. TBS and kitty having intimate moments you're able to capture :0)

CHEERS to Friday and hope 5 o'clock comes sooner than later!!

xxo, Bev

Unknown said...

That picture is hysterical! Rebekah

Megan Strange said...

No joke...I watched that video last night for the first time, and I have had the song stuck in my head all day.

Meg O. said...

LOVE the pic of y'all jumping! Had fun with you, girlfriend!

Betsy Transatlantically said...

guilty of every. single. thing. on this video! haha :)

Ellie said...

I got you something at a real German Christkindlmarkt (Christ Child market) yesterday. I couldn't resist.

I don't know if they'll have it at the fest where you're going, but if so, drink a cup of gl├╝wein. I personally find it disgusting, but it's a German tradition at Christmas time. :)

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo first semester down! (me too!) And that jumping picture is too fun!

Devon said...

that is the funniest video I've seen in months. I was laughing out loud the whole time. The funny thing is, it's so true! We all love to instagram that shit.

On another note, congrats on finishing the first term of grad school! Enjoy your weekend. It sounds like you earned it!

Darby Hawley said...

That action shot of y'all jumping is awesome!

Empirically Erin said...

Oh man that video is hilarious. I love it!

Michelle said...

Congrats on getting through your first semester! You rocked it, girl.

I saw that video the other day and it's HILARIOUS.

Martina // Spunkyrella said...

Love that pic of you guys jumping! You should get a print and put it in a eye-catching frame for your desk! I´d love to have a pic like this of my and my friends. I imagine it would put me in a cheery mood even on the most stressful day :)

Unknown said...

Hooray for Skype, it's so great to being able to connect that easily with friends and family that live far away.
I am so thankful for it.
I love your blogger holiday party shots! You Ladies look great.

Liz @ Beyond Blonde Blog said...

I just died laughing at the Instagram video - Hilarious!