Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Our 2012 Christmas Card

I love getting holiday cards in the mail, especially those with cute baby/family photos and newsletter updates.  We almost didn't send out a Christmas card this year.  No particular reason.  It just never made it to the top of the to-do list.  But I couldn't pass up an eleventh-hour 70% off promo at CardStore.com, so I spent 30 minutes typing addresses and placing an order of 65 cards at 11:00 p.m. on December 13.  And would you believe it?  Our cards were delivered within a week, even internationally.  Sometimes, it pays to procrastinate.

For those of you without super power vision or a humongous magnifying glass handy, the text reads:


Happy Holidays!

May your days be furry and bright.

With love from
Mr. TBS, Lindsay, Boone, and Amelie

You can see last year's Christmas (post)card HERE.  We wish you the merriest of holidays!


Bev said...

adorbs!!! love this card, and love the discounted rate you got it at even more!!

Muuurrrrry Christmas!! xo, Bev

Gesci said...

I ran down our driveway last night during our car unloading to grab the mail, and I did a little midnight jig when I saw your faces! Merry Christmas, TBS family!!

Liz @ Beyond Blonde Blog said...

Merry Christmas, great card!

Devon said...

Merry Christmas Lindsay! Wishing you and your family a day filled with joy and cheer! Again, stoked to call you a friend.

Jess said...

When I opened this baby I squealed with joy...!

I hope you and your family enjoyed the Christmas holiday :) Enjoy the rest of your time before school starts back up!


Katie Price said...

Happy Holidays Lindsay! I'm so glad I got to know you this year. xo

Kristen Victoria said...

Love the card Linds! Very cute - hope you had a beautiful Christmas! xo

Laura Darling said...

Adorable card! Happy holidays!