Monday, November 26, 2012

'Tis the Season

Don't you love four-day weekends?  I hope Thanksgiving was filled with love for all you Americans (and I hope last week was a nice week for all you non-Americans)!  This weekend was so wonderful which is why getting up for work was tough today!  Yikes.  I'm in denial and clinging to the last four days which officially launched the Christmas season in our house.  We've had a long-running "__ Days 'Til We Get Our Christmas Tree" countdown, and getting our tree was the first order of business on Friday.  Decorations out.  Tree lit.  Holiday scented candles burning.  Christmas movie playing.  Cozy home.  'Tis the season!  The day after Thanksgiving may be Black Friday to many, but it's Christmas Tree Friday to us.

Crisp air was a lengthy visitor this weekend (Hallelujah!), and we bundled up for the farmers market.  We got a new coffee roaster at the market, and although I don't consider myself a Coffee Person, my Cup o' Joe hit the spot.

I have to admit that I was disappointed that we didn't have anyone to celebrate Thanksgiving with this year, but the rest of the weekend definitely made up for it.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that Christmas trees make everything better.

P.S. Be sure to check back tomorrow.  25 of you will be very glad you did!  Oh, the suspense.  Is it killing you?


Jess said...

Can I move in for Christmas time?! I am obsessed with Christmas and I'm so glad that you're in the spirit already, too :)

I can't even handle the picture of your and Mr. TBS kissing by the tree. SO. CUTE.

I just love you.
A whole lot.

Unknown said...


I am so sad that I cant be in the Holiday spirit with you this weekend... guess youll just have to be christmas-y for both of us!!!

Glad you enjoyed some of the nectar of the Gods...cause you sure looked cute doing it :)


Allie @ Between Dreams said...

Your Christmas tree!!! I love it. And those two love birds making out beside it too. So sweet :)

Since my sad, tiny little place can't fit a tree inside of it... I will be living vicariously through you, mmmmmk?

Gesci said...

Your hair looks EXTRA fantastic in that picture with the coffee!! And your tree? Perfect! Especially with those two great people next to it :)
Happy Christmas season!

Michelle said...

LOOOVE all of this!!! So glad you had a good weekend! Black Friday is always Christmas tree Friday for us, too! Such a much more fun way to usher in the Christmas season :)

Lauren said...

Love the pic of you and the mister by the tree. Might love the framed photo of your cat next to it even more! Cat ladies unite!

Jenn said...

I love the Christmas tree!! We also spent our Thanksgiving alone with just the Hubby and I. I found it very enjoyable and relaxing. Rather than feeling obligated to stop by 3 to 4 different Thanksgiving parties!

Darby Hawley said...

Well I hope I am one of 25!

I love that picture of you and your hubby in front of the tree. Christmas card picture?

tara said...

um. yes. christmas trees do make everything better! exactly why i leave mine up all year! :)

Ellen Arthur said...

I just found your blog and its awesome :) I wish we celebrated thanksgiving in Australia, Any reason to stuff yourself silly!
Ellen xx

Devon said...

It sounds like you enjoyed a very cozy and festive weekend together. It's so cute you go to the Farmer's Market so often. I need to make more of an effort to get to ours. I love your glasses, too.

Emily @ Emmy June said...

Hey hot lady. Are you standing on a stool to kiss your older man?! Santa might put you on the naughty list.

Whitney said...

HEY NOW. That second picture is totally misleading! You totally look 5'10'' like I thought you were =P

I LOVE that picture of you. Those glasses are adorable on you and you're so cute!!

Bev said...

an even BETTER picture of your tree with you and your hubs looking festive as ever!!

I'm sorry you had nobody to celebrate Thanksgiving with, BUT your hubs is the best person I can think of to have a superb time with!!

Hope you get to celebrate Cmas with plenty of family and friends!!